Sean Morris, Gym Manager

Having been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years I certainly value the benefits of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. As a self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast I realize that not everyone has to be an athlete – the gym should be a place that inspires you and we are here to ensure that you leave our club feeling happy, confident but most importantly inspired to come back again!  

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science Biology, Diploma Applied Fitness, Certificate Sport and Exercise Science, National Certificate in Fitness (Exercise Consultant) Level 3, National Certificate in Fitness (Personal Training Business Skills) Level 4 04 801 5799 ext 63972

Kane 2018

Kane Carter, Assistant Manager

No matter who you are, where you're from or what you aspire to achieve in life, exercise is something everybody can and should participate in. Whether it be physically, socially, or mentally, everybody can benefit from daily exercise as it will enhance your quality and enjoyment of life. That doesn't mean coming to the gym seven days a week though; just make sure that you move your body as much as you can daily (such as taking the stairs instead of the escalator) and make a small start at the gym (such as 2x 30 minute workouts per week).. 

Specifically, i enjoy connecting with athletes - both recreational and competitive, and sharing my knowledge and experience of physical conditioning as it pertains to increase in performance.  

Qualifications: Bachelor of Sport and Exercise, Fitlink Certificate in Personal Training (Contractor), Fitlink Certificate in Fitness (Employed Personal Trainer).

Areas of interest: Strength and conditioning (for sports), barbell training. 

Lydia 2018

Lydia Barrington, Assistant Manager/Personal Trainer

I am friendly, positive, motivated and very passionate about fitness. I am absolutely obsessed with exercise and I want to share that enthusiasm with others. I love challenging my clients and pushing them beyond their expectations, allowing them to tap into their inner strength and mentality to smash out workouts and strive towards their goals.

I honestly get so much satisfaction from helping others achieve their goals and being a part of someone’s fitness journey. My goal is to inspire others, to help them to become better versions of themselves so they feel fitter, healthier, and physically and mentally stronger.

My sessions are hard but fun, so if you want them gains, come train with me!

Qualifications: Bachelor of Health Science (Sport and Exercise), National Certificate in Fitness (Exercise Consultant) Level 3, National Certificate in Fitness (Personal Training Business Skills) Level 4. REPs Registered.

Areas of interest: Functional fitness, strength training, metabolic conditioning, and weight loss.


Karl Kalders, Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer

I enjoy helping people keen to make a positive change in their lives and well-being through fitness. We all need exercise in our daily lives and often need a little guidance getting there. I can assist you on your journey. Being the best you can be is closer than you think. Get the body you want. Lose body fat and gain strength and confidence. Come train with me.

Qualifications: Diploma in Exercise Science, NZIHF National Certificate in Fitness (Exercise Consultant) Level 3. National Certificate in Fitness (Personal Training Business Skills) Level 4.

Areas of interest: Health and well being, body transformation, functional exercise, and exercise mastery guide.

Anna 2018

Anna Hobman, Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer

My passion is in helping people to reduce the painful effects of chronic disease, and in injury rehabilitation. Some conditions such as arthritis or COPD cannot be reversed but the way you experience them can be changed more than you think. Most people don’t understand how much of their chronic pain is caused by faulty biomechanics; a weak muscle here, a tight muscle there, I specialize in finding these imbalances and helping you to correct them. I have had great results in eliminating both upper and lower back pain, wrist, knee and hip pain, recurring ankle sprains, increasing strength and movement in semi-paralysis, improving fitness and reducing the feeling of breathlessness in chronic asthma, COPD and heart conditions. I have also stabilized blood sugars in diabetics. As a person with arthritis and asthma myself I have first-hand experience with the limitations and the psychological bearing these conditions can have on your life and it is my goal to assist others to live the life they want to without these conditions weighing them down.

Areas of interest: Physical rehabilitation, individual sport athletes, core and balance.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Health Science (Sport and Exercise), National Certificate in Fitness (Exercise Consultant) Level 3. National Certificate in Fitness (Personal Training Business Skills) Level 4. Postgraduate Diploma in Rehabilitation. ISAK Level 1 Accredited Anthropometrist. REPs Registered.

Rheanna Bash, Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer

Travelled from Oregon to New Zealand to pursue my studies in Health Science (Sport and Exercise). I love helping others meet their fitness and health goals. I believe in an active lifestyle that reflects each person's individual goals and stage of life. I have worked as a personal trainer and used a plethora of different exercises such as HIIT, endurance, bodyweight workouts and strength training. I particularly enjoy working in rehab and building confidence with the people I train. 

Qualifications: Currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Sport and Exercise)

Areas of interest: Physical rehabilitation, weight loss, sport specific training, and bodyweight/HIIT workouts.

All Massey University Gym staff hold a First Aid and CPR Certificate.

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