Student Visas

Before you arrive in New Zealand to start your studies, you should have a valid student visa which will allow you to travel and enter the country. When you enter New Zealand, your passport will be stamped. After you get here and intend to carry on your studies, you can renew your student visa on campus. 

All international students must have a valid visa while in New Zealand, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you a valid student visa at all times. Please renew your student visa at least two weeks before your current visa is due to expire.

For some of you, after you have completed your studies, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) offers a Post Study Work Visa, also referred as Graduate or Open Work Visa, which allows you to look for jobs or work in New Zealand. Since 26 November 2018 INZ has made significant changes to the Post Study Work Visa instructions. You can find out more information about these changes here.

How to renew my student visa while in New Zealand?

To renew a student visa on campus you must complete the Provider Direct Student Visa Application Form (INZ1240), gather all the required documents from the  PDS Checklist (June 2019) (596 KB) , complete and sign the checklist, and bring your application to International Student Support Office (ISSO) on your campus. If you have trouble printing the form and checklist out, or want to check any of the requirements, please visit ISSO before you prepare the visa application.

Once your application is checked and accepted by an ISS staff, you need to pay for a visa renewal fee, subject to annual review, at the Cashiers with a payment slip, and bring the receipt back to the ISS staff. Then the ISS team will put through the application online to INZ on your behalf.

From 1 July 2019, students applying for their Full Fee Paying Student visa through the Provider Direct visa service operated by International Student Support will be required to pay the new International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) fee of $35. The IVL is part of the (draft) Aotearoa New Zealand Government Strategy and enables international visitors to contribute directly to the tourism infrastructure they use, and help to protect and enhance the natural environment they enjoy. The following nationalities will be exempt from IVL:

Australian citizens

Republic of Marshall Islands


American Samoa


Solomon Islands

Cook Islands







Papua New Guinea


Federated States of Micronesia

Pitcairn Islands


For all other students, the on-campus PDS visa renewal fee will increase from $240 to $275 from 1 July 2019.

Please note that only normal student visa applications are processed through the ISS Office. If you have a special circumstance please come to see us to discuss how we can help you. Please note that adequate academic progress and sufficient funds are required for the University to accept and put a student visa application through.

If you are not meeting all the visa requirements, you will need to scan the documents (Enrolment Confirmation and Payment Acknowledgement letters are available in your Student Portal), apply and pay directly on INZ website.

In some cases, INZ refers your application to a different branch to check more details on your application. This may take a lot longer than the usual processing time. In this case, an INZ Case Officer will normally contact you directly if necessary.

Police certificate

All international students who wish to study in New Zealand is required to be of good character. Sometimes INZ requires you to submit a police certificate from your home country when applying for a visa for the first time. Police certificates are normally valid for three (3) years after they are presented to INZ. There is a "Specific Country Procedures" about how to obtain a police certificate from your home country. Please click here for more details.

Medical certificate

Medical certificates are also normally valid for three (3) years. INZ will email you directly upon receipt of your application if you need to do another one. You are then required to submit it directly to your nearest Immigration New Zealand Branch as soon as they are completed. You can obtain the INZ required medicals through the approved eMedical panel practices. Please visit the International Student Support Office on your campus for more information.


An eVisa will be sent to your email address and the university will not receive a copy of the evisa. Please make sure that your email address in the Student Portal is always up to date so you do not miss any important information. If you have received a evisa from INZ directly without applying through the university, please provide a copy of it to the ISS office so we can update your records with the correct information.

Travel arrangements

We strongly advise you do not make any travel arrangements before your visa has been accepted by INZ. If the application is submitted on Friday and you intend to travel over the weekend, the application may not be entered into INZ’s system until the next business day (Monday). Then the application may be rejected for processing.

Students who apply through the university must be in New Zealand at the time of application. However, there are no longer restrictions around the student departing New Zealand while their visa is in process, meaning students can travel outside of New Zealand over the summer vacation without worry about their visa application process.

What should I do if my visa has expired?

You need to manually make a Section 61 request through INZ if your visa has expired. If you are unlawfully in New Zealand (NZ) you are under a legal obligation to leave and the following applies: you are not allowed to work or study and you will not be allowed to access healthcare. INZ may consider granting you a visa under section 61 of the Immigration Act 2009 but only in special cases. For more information please visit

When should I apply for a Variation of Condition?

Your visa should at all times meet the conditions stated such as your programme of study, university and campus location, otherwise INZ has the right to cancel your student visa and not proceed with your future work visa application after you finish your studies.

If you are enrolled in a different study programme, university or campus location, you need to apply for a variation of condition at your nearest INZ Branch or apply for a whole new visa through the ISS office on your campus.

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