Student questions - Wellington

Q: Student question: Is anything being done in Wellington re free travel.

A: The Wellington Campus Registrar and the Students’ Association attended a Wellington City Council meeting to support subsidising bus fares for students. After a fare review, the Council decided not to proceed with 50 or 25 per cent drop in the price of bus and train tickets for tertiary students, instead proposing an across-the- board off-peak fare offering a 25 per cent discount on the adult non-cash ticket price to keep the concession structure simple, so this would apply to all tertiary students as well as the public.

Q: What comes under online communications?

A: EXMSS group

Q: What are considered Student Life Events?

A: Fun Fear Factor, International Food Festival, orientation, club events etc…

Q: Question was asked about a campus ball? A student is now organising a ball for The Cube Hall. She has been told there is funding limited to Cube students only; is surprised this is not pre-organised and there are not other sources of funds for non-Cube students.

A: Massey is looking to provide funding to MAWSA, though there needs to be mechanisms for these to be heard/well promoted; need processes. Because the Clubs are growing, Massey is looking at adding an element to MAWSA’s contract that is ‘events’. Would love to this be more peer to peer; students deciding what events they would like. Deanna recognises there is a demand for this – she has listened to understand and now is proposing a solution.

Q: In the Annual Report of 2013 it records that 50% of communications budget went on online communications. In 2013 this was run by Massey staff, is this a concern?

A: Deanna stated Massey has no desire to be the provider. Discussions are been had to go back to this being done by students. Recognised and underway.

Q: Difficulty in getting funding, only way is to apply through clubs. Hampered by lack of communications eg: can only do Facebook promotions. Is clubs for each college a way to get funding?

A: There is restriction around privacy laws. Student to student- facebook – is self-selection. Massey can only use contacts for the purpose for which they were collected which is enrolment and academic related use. Maybe Presidents (those across the campuses) could raise this at University level and students could have a tick box to release details? It was also mentioned that there is a problem paying a fee to join / create a Club just for an event. As mentioned by the MAWSA Association Manager, to get a grant Clubs need to have a paying membership.

Q: Student commented that academics don’t like putting extra information given to them (by students) up on stream.

A: Stream chat rooms may be appropriate

Q: With the Great Hall / Tea gardens being unavailable, what can be used instead for big events?

A: Great Hall is going to be used for displays for the Museum of War and Conflict, plus Peter Jackson is going to be creating a ‘World War’ display. Hoping the government will purchase the building to free up money because at the moment to Massey can’t afford to build anything else. The Pyramid however is being developed into a relationship student space with pods of couches and more electric sockets. This should be done before Christmas.

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