Handbook of Human Symbolic Evolution


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New additions and resources are added as time permits. Sites are listed here with a degree of selectivity, but are not warranted as accurate in their content.


General issues pertaining to evolutionary theory can be tracked down through a number of sites:

Part 1: Palaeoanthropology

Part 2: Social and socio-cultural systems

Psychology, Culture, and Evolution

Section 2a: Comparative perspectives

Rich sources of information on primates are:

Section 2b: Palaeoanthropological perspectives

General archaeology has a central resource index, and there is also an on-line archaeology journal in development.

SARC: Lots of info on stone tools.

See also: The Ancient World Web: The Ultimate Index of All Things Ancient

Palaeolithic 'Art'



Specific ('paradigmatic') sites

1. Chauvet

See also

2. Lascaux

3. Pech Merle

4. Pont d'Arc




Australian Aboriginal art

South African Bushman art

Part 3: Ontogeny and Symbolism

Part 4: Language Systems and Language Evolution

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