Alexander G. Melnikov

Office: INMS 3.05
Address: The Institute of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, Private Bag 102 904 NSMC Albany 0745 AUCKLAND


In 2006 I graduated from The Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, Novosibirsk State University, at the age of 21. In 2008 I got MSc in Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science under the supervision of Sergey S. Goncharov. In 2008, I moved to The University if Auckland to start my PhD program under the supervision of Bakhadyr Khoussainov and Andre Nies. Although I was a full-time PhD student in Auckland, I continued collaborating with Sergey S. Goncharov. This collaboration resulted several papers, and Sergey Savostjanovich suggested me to write and submit a Candidate of Science dissertation based on these papers. As a consequence, I finished my PhD program with two dissertations. The dissertations intersect by one chapter only. Immediately after I finished my PhD program and before I defended my PhD, I joined Guohua Wu and Keng Meng Ng as a postdoc. After one year in Singapore, I returned to New Zealand as a postdoc to work with Rod Downey and Noam Greenberg at Victoria University of Wellington. Then I spent one year in UC Berkeley working with the gifted Antonio Montalban. Finally, in 2015 I returned to New Zealand to join INMS (Massey) where I am holding a tenure position.