Research Institute

for molecular evolution

The Farside Research Institute is the very unofficial name for the evolution group in the newly-formed Institute of Molecular BioSciences. Our interests are very broad, and our group is composed of molecular biologists, mathematicians, ecologi sts, botanists, biochemists, theoreticians, hangers-on, you name it. To get an idea of what we get up to, click on a subject area below:

Early evolution of life (from RNA to eukaryotes and prokaryotes)

The K/T boundary and the evolution of birds, reptiles and mammals

Human Evolution

The Evolution of Plants

DNA sequence analysis

mDNA sequences

We also have some downloads that may interest you, at the downloads page, where we have programs (Spectronet ver 1.1 releaseed 31/1/2002 HADTREE, PREPARE, TREES), example files, aligned sequences and the Hitchhikers Guide to Evolutionary Trees Ch 7 on the Hadamard.

To meet the people in and associated with Farside, find out their interests or to dig up some dirt, visit the Boffin Lounge, where you'll find out all about the oppressive Bourgeoisie and the hard working Proleteriat.