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M. Beatrix Jones

Open Source Stage 1 Statistics Textbook Project

General Outline

Completed Chapters, Detailed Chapter outlines and Notation

Information for authors: latex style files


Preliminary plans are for the book to be produced in pdf format, suitable either for printing to hard copy or use in its electronic form. Some customization would be possible, e.g. selecting which chapters and which type of software code or output to include.

We are seeking 3 types of contributors:

  1. Primary authors who will lead the writing of one chapter.
  2. Contributing authors who will contribute examples and excercises.
  3. Instructors, hopefully also contributing to (1) or (2), who will use a 'beta version' of the book with their first year class, collect feedback from students, and provide their own feedback.

If you are interested in participating or recieving further information about the project, please email me at m.b.jones@massey.ac.nz.

Meetings for Contributors

Notes from the meeting at the ASC/NZSA conference, July 2006.

Current Collaborators:

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