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Professor Martin Hazelton

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Statistics Journal Club

A discussion group for Statistics staff and postgraduate students in the Institute of Fundamental Sciences, Massey University Manawatu.

2010 Meetings

April 13: (Leader Martin Hazelton)

Li, Y., Graubard, B.I and Korn, E.L. (2010). Application of nonparametric quantile regression to body mass index percentile curves from survey data. Statistics in Medicine 29, 558-572.

May 25: (Leader Geoff Jones)

Rodrigues, A., Diggle, P. and Assuncao, R. (2010) Semiparametric approach to point source modelling in epidemiology and criminology. Applied Statistics 59, 533-542.

November 2: (Leader Raj Govindaraju)

T. Aven (2010) On the need for restricting the probabilistic analysis in risk assessments to variability. Risk Analysis 30, 354-360.

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