Leading corrections to the scaling function on the diagonal for the two-dimensional Ising model,PDF (467 K)

Large {$N$} Expansions for the Laguerre and Jacobi {$\beta$} Ensembles from the Loop Equations,PDF (346 K)

Singular Values of Products of Ginibre Random Matrices,PDF (436 K)

The diagonal two-point correlations of the Ising model on the anisotropic triangular lattice and Garnier systems,PDF (317 K)

Painlevé II in random matrix theory and related fields,PDF (300 K)

On a Family of Integrals that extend the Askey-Wilson Integral,PDF (526 K)

Moments of the Gaussian {$\beta$} ensembles and the large-{$N$} expansion of the densities,PDF (607 K)

Joint distribution of the first and second eigenvalues at the soft edge of unitary ensembles,PDF (437 K)

Construction of a Lax pair for the {$E^{(1)}_{6}$} {$q$}-Painlevé System,PDF (335 K)

Semi-classical Orthogonal Polynomial Systems on Non-uniform Lattices, Deformations of the Askey Table and Analogs of Isomonodromy,PDF (813 K)
A theoretical program for constructing Lax pairs for q-Painlevé and difference Painlevé equations from first principles using semi-classical orthogonal polynomial systems on non-uniform, quadratic lattices is established. This theory starts with a natural deformation to any of the systems in the Askey table of hypergeometric orthogonal polynomials and it is conjectured that the dynamical systems it constructs includes all the difference and q-difference Painlevé type equations of the Sakai scheme.

Asymptotic forms for hard and soft edge general β conditional gap probabilities,PDF (291 K)
An infinite log-gas formalism is applied to the computation of conditioned gap probabilities that there are {$n$} eigenvalues in the gap of size {$|t|$} at the hard and soft edges of random matrix {$\beta$}-ensembles, which are conjectured to be correct up to and including terms {$ {\rm O}(\log|t|) $} as {$ t \to \infty$}.

On the Variance of the Index for the Gaussian Unitary Ensemble,PDF (227 K)
The generating function for the distribution of the number of positive eigenvalues of a Gaussian unitary ensemble is a {$\tau$}-function of the fourth Painlevé equation, and from this we deduce an exact hypergeometric function evaluation for the variance.

Fredholm Determinant evaluations of the Ising Model diagonal correlations and their {$\lambda$} generalisation,PDF (521 K)
The diagonal spin-spin correlations of the square lattice Ising model, originally expressed as Toeplitz determinants, are given by two distinct Fredholm determinants - one with an integral operator having an Appell function kernel and another with a summation operator having a Gauss hypergeometric function kernel. Either determinant allows for a Neumann expansion possessing a natural {$\lambda$}-parameter generalisation and we prove that both expansions are in fact equal, implying a continuous and a discrete representation of the form factors.

Connection preserving deformations and {$q$}-semi-classical orthogonal polynomials,PDF (313 K)
Identification the {$q$}-difference equation satisfied by a deformed version of the little {$q$}-Jacobi polynomials as a gauge transformation of a special case of the associated linear problem for {$q-{\rm P}_{\rm VI}$}.

Physical Combinatorics and Quasiparticles,PDF (533 K)

Bi-orthogonal systems on the unit circle, regular semi-classical weights and the discrete Garnier equations,PDF (220 K)
A system of bi-orthogonal polynomials and their associated functions corresponding to a regular semi-classical weight on the unit circle constitute a class of general classical solutions to the Garnier systems, and such systems can also be characterised by recurrence relations which are the multi-variable analogues of the discrete fifth Painlevé equation.

Bi-orthogonal systems on the unit circle, Regular Semi-Classical Weights and Integrable Systems - II,PDF (1927 K)
Christoffel-Geronimus-Uvarov transformations of a general system of bi-orthogonal polynomials and associated functions on the unit circle are derived. In the specialisation of the weight function to the regular semi-classical case and if the zeros and poles of the Christoffel-Geronimus-Uvarov factors coincide with the singularities of the weight then these are the Schlesinger transformations of an isomonodromic system.

Isomonodromic deformation theory and the next-to-diagonal correlations of the anisotropic square lattice Ising model,PDF (168 K)
Demonstration that the correlation between a spin at the origin and one on the next-to-diagonal in the square lattice Ising model is governed by a component of the isomonodromic system associated with the 1980 solution of Jimbo and Miwa.

The Distribution of the first Eigenvalue Spacing at the Hard Edge of the Laguerre Unitary Ensemble,PDF (533 K)
The distribution function for the first eigenvalue spacing in the Laguerre unitary ensemble of finite rank random matrices is found in terms of a Painlevé V system, and the solution of its associated linear isomonodromic system. In the scaling to the hard edge regime an analogous situation occurs where a certain Painlevé III' system and its associated linear isomonodromic system characterise the scaled distribution.

Boundary Conditions for Scaled Random Matrix Ensembles in the Bulk of the Spectrum,PDF (248 K)
The spectral average which generalises the local spacing distribution of the eigenvalues of random {$N \times N$} hermitian matrices in the bulk of their spectrum as {$ N\to \infty $} is a {$\tau$}-function of the fifth Painlevé system, {$\tau(s) $}, which has generic parameters and is transcendental but is characterised by particular boundary conditions about the singular point {$ s=0 $}, which we determine here. When the average reduces to the local spacing distribution we find that {$\tau$}-function is of the separatrix, or partially truncated type.

Hypergeometric Solutions to the {$q$}-Painlevé Equation of Type {$(A_1 + A_1')^{(1)}$},PDF (290 K)
Solutions to the {$q$}-Painlevé equation of type {$A_6^{(1)}$} (a {$q$}-difference analogue of the Painlevé II equation) are constructed from a determinantal formula with basic hypergeometric function elements. The continuous limit of this {$q$}-Painlevé equation to the Painlevé II equation and the limit of its hypergeometric solutions to the Airy functions are demonstrated.

Random Matrix Theory and the Sixth Painlevé Equation,PDF (352 K)
New results are given for the boundary conditions of a generating function for the distribution of eigenvalues of the generalised Dyson circular unitary ensemble in the neighbourhood of the fixed singularities at {$ t=0,1,\infty $}. The structure of these expansions is related to Jimbo's 1982 general expansions for the {$\tau$}-function of the sixth Painlevé equation in the neighbourhood of its fixed singularities, and this theory is itself put in its context of its linear isomonodromy problem.

Boundary conditions associated with the Painlevé III' and V evaluations of some random matrix averages,PDF (221 K)
The boundary conditions for the solution of the {$\sigma$}-form differential equation for a Painlevé V transcendent, which characterises the generating function for the probability that an interval {$(0,s)$} at the hard edge contains {$k$} eigenvalues in the Laguerre unitary ensemble are specified for the full parameter space. An analogous study is carried out for the the hard edge scaling limit of the random matrix average, which we have previously evaluated in terms of a Painlevé III' transcendent in {$\sigma$}-form. An application of the latter result is given to the rapid evaluation of a Hankel determinant appearing in a recent work of Conrey, Rubinstein and Snaith relating to the derivative of the Riemann zeta function.

Bi-orthogonal Polynomials on the Unit Circle, regular semi-classical Weights and Integrable Systems,PDF (319 K)

Discrete Painlevé equations for a class of {$ \rm P_{VI} $} {$\tau$}-functions given as {$ U(N) $} averages,PDF (317 K)

Gap Probabilities for Double Intervals in Hermitian Random Matrix Ensembles as τ-Functions,PDF (177 K)

Discrete Painlevé equations and random matrix averages,PDF (338 K)

Discrete Painlevé equations, Orthogonal Polynomials on the Unit Circle and {$N$}-recurrences for averages over {$ U(N) $} -- {$ \rm P_{III} $} and {$ \rm P_{V} $} {$\tau$}-functions,PDF (261 K)

Painlevé transcendent evaluations of finite system density matrices for 1d impenetrable Bosons,PDF (331 K)

{$\tau$}-function evaluation of Gap Probabilities in Orthogonal and Symplectic Matrix Ensembles,PDF (153 K)

{$\tau$}-function Table - Jardin d'Jimbo-Miwa-Okamoto,PS (51 K)

Application of the {$\tau$}-function theory of Painlevé equations to random matrices: {$ \rm P_{VI} $}, the JUE, CyUE, cJUE and scaled limits,PS (534 K)
Third of three part series - Jacobi, circular Jacobi and Cauchy Unitary Ensembles and Bulk Regime.

New transformations for Painlevé's third transcendent,PDF (196 K)
Analogue of Gambier's transformation to {$ \rm P_{III} $}, now known as examples of folding transformations.

Application of the {$\tau$}-function theory of Painlevé equations to random matrices: {$ \rm P_{V} $}, {$ \rm P_{III} $}, the LUE, JUE and CUE,PDF (534 K)
Second of three part series - Laguerre Unitary Ensemble and Hard Edge Regime.

Application of the {$\tau$}-function theory of {$ \rm P_{IV} $}, {$ \rm P_{II} $} to the GUE,PDF (252 K)
First of three part series - Gaussian Unitary Ensemble and Soft Edge Regime.

Exact Wigner surmise type evaluation of the spacing distribution in the bulk of the scaled random matrix ensembles,PDF (99 K)

Integrability, Random Matrices and Painlevé Transcendents,PDF (173 K)
Tracy-Widom theory for the single interval Gaussian, Laguerre and Jacobi Unitary Ensembles - summary and completion.

Gap Probabilities for Edge Intervals in Finite Gaussian and Jacobi Unitary Matrix Ensembles,PDF (199 K)
Tracy-Widom theory for double interval Gaussian and Jacobi Unitary Ensembles.

Gap probabilities in the finite and scaled Cauchy random matrix ensembles,PDF (172 K)
Tracy-Widom theory for single and double interval Cauchy Unitary Ensemble.

Discriminants and Functional Equations for Polynomials Orthogonal on the Unit Circle,PDF (254 K)
Raising and lowering operators for orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle and second order differential and {$q$}-difference equations for these polynomials are derived.

The Lanczos Algorithm for extensive Many-Body Systems in the Thermodynamic Limit,PDF (226 K)

Moment Formalisms applied to a solvable Model with a Quantum Phase Transition. I. Exponential Moment Methods,PDF (785 K)

The exact realisation of the Lanczos Method for a quantum Many-Body System,PDF (163 K)

The Analytic Lanczos Method,PDF (107 K)

Exact Solution to the Moment Problem for the XY Chain,PDF (208 K)

Two-dimensional XXZ model ground-state properties using an analytic Lanczos expansion,PDF (137 K)
We develop a formalism for calculating arbitrary expectation values for any extensive lattice Hamiltonian system using an analytic Lanczos expansion, and a recently proved exact theorem for ground-state energies. The ground-state energy, staggered magnetization, and excited state gap of the two-dimensional anisotropic antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model are then calculated using this expansion for a range of anisotropy parameters, and compared to other moment-based techniques, such as the {$t$}-expansion, spin-wave theory and series-expansion methods.

Accurate calculation of ground-state energies in an analytic Lanczos expansion,PDF (144 K)
Use of the exact bounds to the rate of convergence of the eigenvalue estimates in the symmetric Lanczos process due to Saad 1980, and an application to the one-dimensional anti-ferromagnetic Heisenberg model.

Plaquette expansion proof and interpretation,PDF (691 K)
A proof of the cumulant expansion of the Jacobi matrix elements for the first two orders, using Hankel determinant evaluations with factorial entries.

Analytic solution for the ground-state energy of the extensive many-body problem,PDF (102 K)
Employing the sharp bounds on the extremal eigenvalues of a Jacobi matrix due to van Doorn, and to Ismail and Li.

Exact solution for the reflection and diffraction of atomic de Broglie waves by a travelling evanescent laser wave,PDF (305 K)
The exact solution to the problem of reflection and diffraction of atomic de Broglie waves by a travelling evanescent wave is found - the wavefunctions, the tunnelling losses and the non-adiabatic losses are given exactly in terms of hyper-Bessel functions, and are valid for all detuning and Rabi frequencies,thus generalizing previous approximate methods. Furthermore, we give the limiting cases of the amplitudes in the uniform semiclassical limit, which is valid in all regions including near the classical turning points, and in the large and weak coupling cases. We find our uniform semiclassical limit to be closer to the exact result over the full range of parameter values than the previously reported calculations.

van der Waals energies of cylindrical and spherical single layer systems,PDF (1630 K)

Polarisation of Scalar and Spinor vacua in QED,PDF (1486 K)

Scalar QED of charged bosons in uniform magnetic fields,PDF (5995 K)