Random Matrix Theory

Course Outline

Outline,PDF (16 K)

Lecture Notes from 620-007

Energy Levels,EPS (58 K)
Stadium Billiards,EPS (20 K)
G.O.E.,EPS (18 K)
Montgomery-Odlyzko Conjecture,EPS (118 K)
Hilbert spaces and Quantum Mechanics,PDF (76 K)
SU(2),PDF (27 K)
Quaternions,PDF (36 K)
Time-reversal symmetry,PDF (155 K)
Orthogonal, Unitary and Symplectic Symmetries,PDF (293 K)
Symmetric Space Measures,PDF (68 K)
Gaussian Ensembles,PDF (152 K)
Spectral Decomposition,PDF (134 K)
Orthogonal Polynomial Systems,PDF (129 K)
Unitary Correlation Functions,PDF (201 K)
Gap Probabilities and Spectral Averages,PDF (124 K)
A2 Root System and Affine Weyl Group,PDF (141 K)
PIV Baecklund Transformations,PDF (137 K)
PIV Hamiltonian System,PDF (111 K)
PIV Toda Lattice Equation,PDF (110 K)
Sylvester Solution,PDF (191 K)
PIV Classical Solutions and GUE,PDF (164 K)
PII,PDF (298 K)
Table of six Painleve equations,PS (34 K)
Painleve tau-functions and scaled Random Matrix Ensembles,PS (51 K)


Assignment List: Due on th XX, PDF (37 K)

Maple worksheets and PS files

Wigner semi-circle law,mws (23 K)
Wigner semi-circle law,PS (119 K)

Projects in 620-007, 2003

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