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A low-dimensional interacting quantum Bose gas amenable to exact treatment

Since the achievement of creating a Bose-Einstein condensate in the laboratory the possibility of fabricating clean, low-dimensional quantum many-body systems with controlled, tunable interactions has come about. With such control a tremendous advance in our understanding of strongly interacting and correlated quantum systems is now possible. Therefore contact between experimental investigations and low-dimensional quantum systems amenable to rigorous theoretical treatment has become a reality. One such system is the system of {$ N $} Bosons in one-dimension interacting with an infinitely strong contact potential known as the Impenetrable Bose gas (IBG). It is one of the few systems where key quantities such as the density matrix can be evaluated exactly for the ground state of the system. The density matrix is significant because, the Onsager-Penrose criteria for Bose-Einstein condensation requires the lowest eigenvalue of this matrix, {$ \lambda_0(N) $}.

The IBG is related to a number of other systems, for example it is the infinite coupling limit Gir_1960 of the Lieb-Liniger Bose gas LL_1963 which is soluble via the Bethe-ansatz and is the quantised form of the classical Girardeau-Tonks gas Mat_1993a. There is a collection of some of the early papers mentioned above in Chapter 5 of Mattis' book Mat_1993a plus a nice summary of them in context at the beginning of this Chapter. A more thorough theoretical treatment of the low-dimensional Bose gas is given in LSSY_2005 and a more focused review can be found in SLY_2005.

An important study of the density matrix was undertaken by Lenard Len_1964, and amongst a number of results he found is the fact that the density matrix is the Fredholm minor of a particular integral operator and using this he established rigorous results for {$ \lambda_0(N) $}. He also extended the earlier Lieb-Liniger works to finite temperature in Len_1966. The density matrix for the homogeneous IBG on a ring of circumference {$ L $} in the thermodynamic limit {$ N, L \to \infty $} was found, in a famous 1980 result of Jimbo, Miwa, Mori and Sato JMMS_1980, to be characterised by the solution of a particular case of Painlevé's fifth equation. As a consequence one needs to solve a non-linear second-order differential equation in order to analyse the density matrix.

This result was generalised in 2003 by the author and collaborators FFGW_2003 to the case of a finite number of particles {$ N $} on a ring of size {$ L $}, although still a homogeneous system. In this case the sixth Painlevé transcendent was crucial to understanding the system. In addition to a non-linear second-order differential equation the density matrix can also be characterised by a non-linear recurrence relation in the integer variable {$ N $}.

It is proposed to use a range of tools from integrable systems and orthogonal polynomial theory to analytically study the density matrix of the IBG in these more realistic settings. This would suit a student with a background in classical analysis who also has an interest in strongly interacting quantum many-body systems.

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