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Dr. Rory Flemmer

BSc Mech. Eng., MSc Mech. Eng., PhD Chem. Eng. University of Natal


Phone (64) 6 356 9099 ext. 84159


Professional/Research Interests

My primary research interests are based around artificial vision and robotic intelligence. I am also involved in projects in the fields of wheelchair design, multiphase flow, agriculture, ecology, biological chemistry and data modelling. Projects in which I have a particular interest include:
  • Artificial vision and artificial intelligence
  • Intelligent inspection
  • A wheelchair to minimize shoulder joint damage
  • Automated fruit packing and harvesting
  • Sound location for human hearing
  • Assessing orchards with geosynchronous satellites
  • Multiphase flow
  • A classical model of the Copenhagen theory of Quantum Mechanics

New Zealand Engineering Innovator of the Year 2009



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