Centre for Theoretical Chemistry and Physics
at Massey University (Albany Campus), New Zealand

Jake Gulliksen (MSc Student)

Jake Gulliksen Centre for Theoretical Chemistry and Physics
Bldg. 40, NZ Institute for Advanced Study
Massey University (Albany Campus)
Private Bag 102904
North Shore MSC, Auckland
New Zealand
Phone +64 9 414 0800 ext. 9886
Fax +64 9 443 9779
Email: jkgulliksen@gmail.com

Research interests

There are two approaches to investigate the fundamental properties of particles. At CERN the Large Hadron Collider accelerates the particles close to the speed of light and deduces their properties by smashing them together. The alternative approach is to cool the particles to temperatures near absolute zero. Specifically, in my research the particles are restricted to bosons and a given bosonic gas near absolute zero falls into a Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC). I'm studying non-classical properties of this BEC in a double well potential.

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