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The Journal & its Sections

Check out each item below for a description of each section of the Journal. Many of these can be accessed directly from the menu bar at the base of each page or alternatively from the Home Page of this Journal.

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Journal Issues

This Journal will be published in a similar format to a paper equivalent in that a number of individual papers will be incorporated into a volume. It is envisaged that volumes will be published at regular intervals with paper titles, authors and abstracts posted to the massey email list of ajdts concurrent to the web issue becoming live. If you would like to be recipient of these news letters then post an email message to sympa@lists.massey.ac.nz with either the subject or body of:
        subscribe ajdts

A link to the index of the current issue will be available from the journal's home page or from the menu bar at the base of each page. An index to previous issues may be accessed from the same points.

Although new issues of the journal may result in altered navigation to previous volumes from the home page, all papers will remain at their original URL. Consequently, an online reference to any paper will remain stable from the time of its original publication in this journal.

Reports, Commentaries, and News

Submissions covering reports and commentaries on recent events, responses, preventative measures etc. are invited. This section will also cover news of, for example, research grants, policy initiatives, personnel changes.


This section will provide information on forthcoming conferences within the region and further afield.
Readers who attend a specific conference are invited to submit a report on the conference. Where possible, this section will also advise readers of the publication of conference abstracts and where they can be obtained.

Short Communications

Authors wishing to submit articles describing work in progress, whether of an academic or professional nature, are invited to submit a short communication. These should be no more than 1500 words in length. These format of these submissions will follow that described in the section on submission of papers for articles.

Book Reviews

Submissions describing and reviewing books of interest to readers are invited.

Web Sites of Interest

This section will provide information on other web sites with disaster and trauma content. Readers who come across such sites are invited to pass on this information to the journal.
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