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This journal has been established to provide a resource for the Australasian region ( New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific), and as such we prioritise and seek contributions from Australasia. We will occasionally consider contributions from other parts of the globe but only if the articles cover issues directly relevant to an Australasian readership.

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Papers should be submitted, in Microsoft Word or RTF format, to the editor via email: ajdts@massey.ac.nz.

The world wide web site for The Austrasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies is:


Peer Review Process

On receipt of an article, the editor will assess its appropriateness for inclusion in the Journal. If the content of the article as appropriate and in an acceptable format, the editor will send the article out, via the Internet, for review. A final decision on acceptance will be made after the submission has been reviewed.

Acceptance or rejection of a contribution will be based on the "blind" peer review of a submission by at least two members of either the Editorial Board or by others invited to review the article on the grounds of their particular expertise. The editor will make a decision to accept, seek revision, or reject a contribution based on the reviewers’ comments and recommendations. Contributors will receive a copy of the reviewers’ comments at the same time as they receive a response from the editor. Copies of reviews and the editors’ decision will also be sent to each reviewer. It is anticipated that the review process should take from 4 to 6 weeks. If the content or format is inappropriate, the article will be returned to author for revision or advised of its unsuitability for publication.

The Editor will assume that the paper is an original contribution. Papers appearing in the journal should not be published elsewhere without the written consent of the Publisher of the journal. A copyright declaration will be required of all papers accepted for publication.

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