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Volume 21, Number 1

Published: May 2017

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Volume 21, Number 1 (complete issue)

Contents page - Volume 21, Number 1

Research Papers

New Zealand wheelchair users’ preparedness for emergencies

J.A. Dunn, J.M. Nicholls, D.L. Snell & J.L. Nunnerley

Keywords: emergency preparedness, wheelchair users, people with disabilities, disaster management, emergency planning

Getting through: Children’s effective coping and adaptation in the context of the Canterbury, New Zealand, Earthquakes of 2010-2012

Maureen Mooney, Ruth Tarrant, Douglas Paton, Sarb Johal & David Johnston

Keywords: Children, effective coping, adaptation, earthquake, disaster, Canterbury

In some strange way, trouble is good for people. Posttraumatic growth following the Canterbury earthquake sequence

Rebekah Smith, Virginia V W McIntosh, Janet D Carter, Helen Colhoun, Jenny Jordan, Frances A Carter & Caroline J Bell

Keywords: Postraumatic growth, Canterbury Earthquakes, thematic analysis, content analysis, sense of community

Practice Update

Get prepared for an emergency: An infographic

D. Blake, A. Miller & A. Rampton

Keywords: Preparedness, emergency management, infographic, earthquake, disability, community


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