Hope for stranded Berhampore commuters

Hope for stranded Berhampore commuters

Berhampore commuters left shivering in the rain as buses and southerly breezes pass their faces. PHOTO: ASA ANDERSEN

As wind sweeps the rain across their faces, it’s no surprise to witness a father cursing and storming off with his son when he sees yet another morning bus refuse to pick them up.

Frustrated bus commuters on the overloaded Island Bay to city route are desperate for promised new double-decker buses, but will have to wait three and a half months for them to arrive.

Tranzit is now promising the new fleet will be running down Adelaide Road from July 15.

The new bus service can’t come soon enough for Berhampore bus commuters.

Last week, on a typical rainy morning, 15 Berhampore commuters at one bus stop watched in frustration as at least three full buses swept by without stopping.

At 8.30am the buses often arrive full, after having collected other passengers prior to Berhampore, leaving commuters waiting for another bus.

A Berhampore school parent said she and 30 other parents had often been left stranded. “We can’t drop our kids off before 8.30am, so we’re forced to take the later buses.

“I start work at 9am, but more often than not I’m late to work, arriving at 9.30am,” she said.

“For three years I’ve been taking my girls to school. Last winter it was absolutely shocking!

“I would have to resort to catching a taxi with other parents, or walking to my car and taking that into work,” she said.

Berhampore commuter Stephen said it was mostly an issue for Adelaide Road residents. “I often have to walk several stops back up, to catch it before it gets too full,” he said.

Tranzit’s transport and operations director Kevin Snelgrove said he hoped it would fix the issue of overloaded buses.

Passengers will get 10 fully electric double-decker buses and 28 diesel double-decker buses.

The electric buses will seat 82 – 86 passengers and the diesel buses will fit 102, while the current ones fit 64.

“We’re essentially trying to get bigger buses on the roads, which will fit more people in,” he said.

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