Vigil-cum-protest outside Gun City Wellington

Vigil-cum-protest outside Gun City Wellington

Mary Lochore (right) and Michelle Genet held a vigil-cum-protest outside Gun City Wellington today. The placard in the photo reads “Gun City selling the types of weapons which killed 50 people on Friday.” Oliver Lovell

Gun City Wellington was the location of a small vigil-cum-protest for the victims of the Christchurch Mosque shootings.

Two Wellington women, Mary Lochore and Michelle Genet stood outside the Wellington Gun City store on Hutt Road in Pipitea on Friday holding a placard which protested the selling semiautomatic rifles.

Genet said they were there in response to an article they read on the stuff website which said Gun City stores nationwide were experiencing an increased demand for semi-automatic rifles today.

Genet said she felt “absolutely disgusted.”

A semi-automatic rifle was used by the shooter at the Christchurch mosque terror attack on Friday.

Mary Lochore said she felt unnerved  people were saying the events in Christchurch were not really us. “Because actually, it is.”

Genet said she had an uncle who was a gunsmith and grew up knowing how to use a gun. “If people want to shoot rabbits or possums they can use a non-semiautomatic .22 calibre rifle.”

Both women support Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s stance on changing New Zealand’s current gun laws.

However, they were concerned that in response to Ardern’s eagerness to change gun laws there would be a knee-jerk reaction from firearms license holders and people are going to buy up large until legislation was changed.

The women don’t have any plans to date to increase their protest efforts. However, they will most likely attend the vigil which is being held at the Basin Reserve Cricket Ground in Wellington tonight.

CAPTION: Flowers placed on the pavement near Gun City Wellington, paying tribute to the victims of the Christchurch terror attack Friday. Oliver Lovell

When asked if they had a message to Gun City management, Genet said “stop selling semi-automatic weapons now.”

There was a sombre mood inside the Gun City Wellington store.

Store manager Dan Hayston was unwilling to go on the record with his personal views. He also declined to comment as to whether or not there had been a spike in interest for semiautomatic rifles at his store.

Hayston did say that Gun City’s Head Office was preparing a press release which would be with the media soon.

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