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Honouring Hiwi Tauroa

The long association of Hiwi Tauroa with Massey University was marked at his farewell as a member of the University Council. Mr Tauroa has retired from the Council after 10 years of service as a government appointee. Colleagues, friends and former colleagues, including former Vice-Chancellor Sir Neil Waters and his wife, Joyce, attended the ceremony to honour Mr Tauroa, held at the Albany campus on Friday 2 March.

In his farewell speech, Mr Tauroa returned to his younger days as a Massey University student. He graduated with a BAgrSc in 1951, one of only two Maori to achieve the qualification. ¤Now,Ë he said, ¤we have a great many Maori students studying at our campuses.Ë

However Mr Tauroa went on to urge the University to do more for Maori students, who are often bi-lingual. He suggested more use of the Maori language and the futher building up of relationships with Maori groups in the community. He also spoke of the role of the Council ¤as a guardianË and of the ¤great honourË of his return to the University as a Council member. ¤Thank you for your kindness and your love,Ë he said.

Chancellor Morva Croxson╠s friendship with Hiwi Tauroa goes back 12 years. She spoke of his contribution to the Council and his role as ¤central to his own peopleË. She also noted his ability as a council member ¤to create a situation in which conflict can be honestly addressedË.

Others who took part in the ceremony were former Chancellor Hugh Williams and his wife, Joy, and Albany Te Kaiwarau Ra Kohere and Albany Principal Professor Ian Watson and his wife, Patsy. Hiwi Tauroa, C.M.G., is a former Race Relations Conciliator.

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