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The magazine for alumni and friends of Massey University.
Issue 13, November 2002


Security man
Harawira Craig Pearless, who graduated from Albany this year with a Masters in Management in dispute resolution, talks about his work in East Timor. The Book: Mission to East Timor

MASSEY Feature

Following on
What has happened to some of the people in past issues of MASSEY.

Just the answer
The origins of an indelicate gesture, plus advice on storing coffee.

Ta moko
Exhibiting painter, graphic designer, and Maori art
consultant Julie Kipa talks about the return of ta moko.

News from around the campuses and colleges.

MASSEY Research

Mason Durie
A national leader in Mäori-centred research.

Groundbreaking research
The DNA of long-dead penguins is making researchers rethink the pace of evolution. Professor David Lambert heads the research team.

The makings of an entrepreneur
Want to know the ingredients? Researcher Claire Massey can tell you.

MASSEY Alumni notes and news

News from alumni from around the globe.

75th Anniversary Medals
Eight one-off Massey University Anniversary Medals have been awarded to alumni who have made special contributions to their communities and their country.

MASSEY Profile

In the only post-Oscar interview he granted, we meet Oscar winner Richard Taylor. LOTR Collectables

William Ferguson Massey
Revered, respected and reviled, the University’s namesake was no mean entrepreneur.Going the distance
Caleb Hulme-Moir meets Melissa Moon, 2001 world champion mountain runner, aspirant Olympian, and seasoned extramural student.

Lost and found
Beth and Andy Watson run a most unusual business.

Mahia i roto i te wairua Maori
In the Mäori spirit: Mike Pehi is something more than a funeral director.

Offshore Assets
Will and Andrea Bruce are resident in the Cayman Islands.

MASSEY In Review

Akekeia! Traditional Dance in Kiribati Tony and Joan Whincup
Tourism for Development: empowering communities Regina Scheyvens
New Zealand Abroad: the story of VSA’s work in Africa, Asia and the Pacific
Parting Company: a guide to successful separation Allyson Caseley
Spirituality and Social Care: Contributing to Personal and Community Well-being, edited by Mary Nash and Bruce Stewart
What’s News: edited by Professor Judy McGregor and Dr Margie Comrie
Royce Royce, the People’s choice: Author Peter Hawes reviews his reviewers
Anne Noble States of Grace: Justin Paton (editor), Anne Kennedy, Lydia Wevers

Last Issue...

Something to offend everyone
Masskerade 1969: the adventures of a capping magazine.

The Mix:
The Mix: What was it that made Masskerade what it was?

Research and Development
A look at some of the outstanding research outputs of the last six months.

Just the answer
Your questions answered by the experts.

The man from Atlantis

A bit of a reputation

In the heart of the Amazon

Getting with The Programme

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