AI and Digital Business Special Interest Group , Te Rōpū Pakihi Aro ki te Whakataruna Hinengaro

The AI and Digital Business Special Interest Group enables researchers to share research across artificial intelligence, digital business and related fields such as Robotics, Automation and GPT-related business strategy.

The group aims to share ideas and knowledge to:

  • spark new ideas and serve as the contact point for research collaboration and projects
  • communicate existing research expertise in this area to the broader institute and beyond
  • foster inter-disciplinary research.

Who we are

Our people make us who we are. Meet Massey Business School's executive development lecturers.

Dr Yulong Liu

Dr Yulong Liu

PhD, MMGT, BMSE (Management Science and Engineering)
Senior Lecturer - School of Management

Yulong (David)'s primary research interests include organisational innovation, strategic management; digitalization and emerging technology adoption, information technology, service management and business studies.

Associate Professor Henry Chung

Associate Professor Henry Chung

Associate Professor, School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing

Dr Chung is Vice Chair of AIB Asia Pacific and is named as World’s Top 2% of Scientists List, Stanford University.

His key research areas are technology marketing, marketing strategies, decision-making governance, immigrant enterprises, managerial ties, innovation and emerging market enterprises.

Professor Jonathan Elms

Professor Jonathan Elms

PhD, MSc, BSc(Hons)
Pro Vice-Chancellor Massey Business School (acting)

Jonathan holds the Sir Stephen Tindall Chair Professor in Retail Management and is the founding Director of the Centre for Advanced Retail Studies in New Zealand. Before Massey, he spent seven years at the Institute for Retail Studies, University of Stirling.

Dr Phoebe Fletcher

Dr Phoebe Fletcher

Lecturer - Digital Marketing, School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing

Phoebe has an industry background with experience in corporate, government and the not-for-profit sector, working in a variety of marketing, communications and digital strategy roles. Her research interests are in emerging technologies, including digital marketing, social media, and social media warfare.

Dr Chris Galloway

Dr Chris Galloway

PhD, MMgt
Senior Lecturer, School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing

Chris joins many years of experience as a journalist and senior public relations specialist to his academic interests in issue, risk & crisis communication.

Other interests include the Middle East, especially how public relations techniques are used to present & position different protagonists. He also writes about the impacts of new technologies on PR practice, especially Artificial Intelligence.

Dr Vishnu Ramachandran Girija

Dr Vishnu Ramachandran Girija

Senior Lecturer, School of Communication, Journalism and Marketing

Vishnu has both engineering and marketing experience, working for international organisations. His research interests are in the fields of digital marketing and behavioural consumer psychology.

Associate Professor Mia Ho

Associate Professor Mia Ho

Department of International Business, National Taiwan University
Dr Mian Wu

Dr Mian Wu

School of Marketing and International Business, Victoria University of Wellington

Dr Mian Wu is a Lecturer in International Business at Victoria University of Wellington and Researcher in AI in Digital Business (AIDB) research platform at Massey. She has a PhD in International Business from Massey, an MSc in Management from the University of Glasgow, and a BSc in Logistics Management from Harbin Normal University, China. She holds a Fellowship of Higher Education Academy, UK.

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