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Conferment and Graduation Regulations

1. Any person wishing to have a degree conferred or a diploma presented at the annual graduation ceremonies must make application in the year of the ceremony not later than 1 February for Wellington ceremonies, 1 March for the May ceremonies at Manawatū and Auckland, and 1 September for the November ceremony in Manawatū. Applications should be submitted to the University on time; late applications will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

2. Any person who has completed the qualifications for a degree, diploma or certificate, who does not wish to attend a graduation ceremony in person, may at any time apply to have the degree, diploma or certificate conferred 'in Council' at the next appropriate meeting of Academic Board.

3. The University may initiate the award of a qualification by issuing a notification to the student of the intent to award that qualification. The student has 30 days to respond to the notification of intent to award the qualification or they will be recommended for an award 'in Council' at the next opportunity.

4. Students who have met all the requirements for a qualification for which they have not enrolled may be awarded that qualification. The qualification must be approved for teaching in the year in which they apply to graduate.