Academic Board

The Academic Board is established pursuant to the Education Act 1989 Section 182(a) and (b). The membership of the Board shall be comprised as follows:

  • Vice-Chancellor
  • Provost
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Māori
  • Pro Vice-Chancellors (Business, Creative Arts, Health, Humanities and Social Sciences, Sciences)
  • Directors (Pasifika, and Teaching and Learning)
  • Dean, Academic
  • Academic Board Sub-Committee Chairs (Academic Committee, University Scholarships Committee, University Research Committee, Human Ethics Chairs Committee, Teaching and Learning Committee and Library Committee (unless appointed in another capacity))
  • College Board Chairs (unless appointed in another capacity)
  • Academic Board Sub-Committees: Sub-Committee Chair: Doctoral Research Committee (unless appointed in another capacity)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Students and Global Engagement
  • University Librarian
  • Five Māori Academic staff representatives
  • 15 elected Professors, three from each College
  • 15 elected Academic staff, three from each College
  • Manager, Office of Academic Assurance
  • Up to five students to provide representation from each campus and distance, and with representatives ideally representing undergraduate and postgraduate students, of which at least one would be Māori and reflecting gender balance