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Property Studies

127.100 Introduction to Property and Real Estate 15 credits
An introduction to the concepts and principles underlying the property market/industry in New Zealand. This course provides an overview of the regulatory, economics and evaluation framework for users and investors in property and real estate.
127.241 Property Market Principles 15 credits
A broad based introduction to property examined from both a New Zealand and international perspective. This course incorporates the use of technology in relation to all aspects of the property market.
127.242 Introduction to Property Valuation 15 credits
An introduction to the principles and methods of property valuation.
127.245 Introduction to Property Finance and Investment 15 credits
Introduction to property investment analysis, the role of property finance and the evaluation of property financing decisions.
127.255 Rural Valuation I 15 credits
An introduction to valuation, examining the duties of a valuer, code of ethics and report writing as well as the principles and methods of valuation and the application of these to the valuation of residential and rural property. The course has a practical orientation containing a substantial fieldwork and case studies component.
127.341 Property Management and Development 15 credits
The application of analytical techniques to, and the appraisal of, the management and development of commercial real estate resources.
127.342 Applied Property Finance and Investment 15 credits
This capstone course is an applied study of property finance and investment analysis which includes portfolio theory in relation to property.
127.343 Applied Property Valuation 15 credits
The application of valuation theory in relation to commercial and industrial property, both vacant and improved, valuation practices.
127.356 Rural Valuation 15 credits
The valuation of rural property including: pastoral, peripheral, horticultural and forestry land issues relating to the valuation of leasehold interests and Māori Land. The dispute resolution process. The course has a practical orientation and includes a field test.
127.378 Property Economics and Planning 15 credits
A study of location theory, planning and the economic dynamics involved in the development of cities, using analysis of property space and asset class.
127.700 Real Estate Studies 30 credits
A study of the theory and practice of real estate, valuation and property management.
127.702 Sustainable Property Development 15 credits
A study of the theory and practice of sustainable property development.