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Banking Management

137.703 International Banking and Financial Markets 30 credits
A review of selected topics in International and Corporate Banking and Financial Markets with an emphasis on comparative banking systems, globalisation, the international expansion of banks and international banking regulation.
137.704 Risk Management for Financial Institutions 30 credits
The identification, evaluation and control of pure risk from the viewpoint of financial institutions. Topics covered include the nature of risk management in banks; risk assessment procedures; coping with disaster; market and transfer risks, including foreign exchange and cash management; the identification of manipulation, cornering and fraud; cheque kiting and other cheque swindles; embezzlement; credit card frauds; computer systems and their risks; human resource management issues in the identification and control of risk.
137.710 The Theory and Management of Banking 30 credits
An examination of the theory and management of banking with reference to their contribution to the financial system and the ensuing regulation of modern banks.
137.711 Strategic Banking Issues 30 credits
This course addresses current strategic issues in banking, their impact on banks' individual performance and their contribution to overall financial stability.
137.894 Thesis 120 Credit Part 1 60 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
137.895 Thesis 120 Credit Part 2 60 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
137.896 Research Report 60 credits
Candidates are required to conduct a piece of independent research under supervision and to produce a report of the research for examination.
137.897 Professional Practice 60 credits
Candidates will undertake professional practice within the subject area in which the Master of Management is being completed. Professional Practice may be conducted either individually or in groups and assessment of the outcome of the investigation may be in a variety of ways including written and oral presentations and case studies.
137.899 Thesis 120 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
137.900 PhD Banking 120 credits

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