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Agricultural Engineering

138.106 Agricultural Engineering 15 credits
A study of basic engineering principles as they apply to design and operation of agricultural buildings and structures, farm water, refrigeration and heating, fencing and subdivision, waste management; the utilisation of modern technologies in agriculture; and the Resource Management Act and how that affects agricultural businesses.
138.255 Applied Engineering in Agriculture and Horticulture Systems 15 credits
Engineering principles underpinning the systems used in the growing, harvest and post-harvest treatment of agricultural and horticultural products. Emphasis is placed on deriving the system performance specification following consideration of capacity, product quality and safety, and ecological requirements.
138.301 Precision Agriculture Technologies 15 credits
Knowledge of remote and proximal sensing, and precision livestock techniques to provide information to mitigate environmental impacts under intensive farm production systems. Consideration of issues of resource use, optimization of farm production and environmental performance of primary industries.
138.900 PhD Agricultural/Horticultural Engineering 120 credits