Business Law

155.110 Retail Law 15 credits
An introduction to the legal and ethical principles which apply to the New Zealand retail industry, with particular focus on the legal liability of business owners and operators to consumers, employees and other stakeholders.
155.201 Law of Property 15 credits
The law relating to the transfer and ownership of and other dealings in real property.
155.202 Essentials of Law 15 credits
Introduction to the New Zealand legal system, legal interpretation and substantive law.
155.203 Law of Business Organisations 15 credits
General principles of law relating to companies and partnerships.
155.210 Commercial Law 15 credits
Legal obligations and responsibilities that may arise when conducting business activities.
155.216 Land Law for Real Estate Agents 15 credits
The law relating to land and dealings in land as it affects the real estate profession.


155.301 Employment Law 15 credits
This course studies the law relating to employer and employee. Aspects studied include the employment contract, the law relating to the determination of employment disputes, the legality of industrial action, anti-discrimination legislation in the employment context and the law of dismissal.

Business Law

155.700 Fundamentals of Law 30 credits
This course provides a grounding in the New Zealand legal system and selected aspects of the relationship between law and business by examining contract and negligence law and other contemporary legal issues. It will also introduce students to legal research and writing.
155.702 Special Topic Business Law 30 credits
155.704 Corporate Governance 30 credits
A study of the principles of corporate governance including the legal and ethical responsibilities of corporate managers.
155.705 Special Topic Business Law 30 credits
155.771 Law of Business 15 credits
The legal system and the law of business organisations and its relevance to the accounting and finance profession.
155.800 MPhil Thesis 120 credits
Students are required to write a thesis based on independent research. The thesis topic and appropriate supervision must be arranged with the HOS prior to enrolment.
155.801 MPhil Thesis 120 Credit Part 1 60 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
155.802 MPhil Thesis 120 Credit Part 2 60 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
155.900 PhD Business Law 120 credits