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Information Systems

157.151 Living and Working with Technology 15 credits
An introductory study of the roles and applications of information systems in organisations and society.
157.216 Management, Analytics and Decision Making 15 credits
Introduction to techniques and issues involved in using data to support organisational decision making.
157.240 Social Media Networks for Business 15 credits
An examination of current issues in the rapidly developing area of social media. A socio-technical approach is adopted to examine how social media networks are being used in business processes.
157.241 Technology Trends for Organisations 15 credits
A comprehensive study of major technology trends and organisational contexts within which information systems are developed and used from user, manager, organisational and societal perspectives.
157.325 Information Management Project 15 credits
A guided practical applying business analysis methods to an information system and its environment.
157.340 Organisational Knowledge Management 15 credits
An examination of the role of information systems in creating business value in a knowledge economy.
157.350 Technology Governance and Risk Management 15 credits
Designing and managing technology-based solutions for realising organisational strategy.
157.394 Managing Technology Projects and Programmes 15 credits
Agile project management and design thinking as methodologies for implementing technology projects and programmes.
157.700 Info Systems Management 30 credits
A comprehensive overview of the application of computing technology within organisations from a managerial perspective.
157.701 Health Information Management 30 credits
A study of the management of information and information systems relevant to the planning and delivery of high-quality healthcare.
157.733 Health Information Systems 15 credits
A study of the existing and potential applications of information systems that can be used to support the delivery and management of healthcare.
157.735 Data Mining 15 credits
A study of data mining methodologies and techniques related primarily to business and information systems applications. An applied approach will be adopted for the most part.
157.748 Advanced Management, Analytics, and Decision Making 30 credits
A comprehensive study of the techniques and issues involved in using data to support organisational decision making.
157.749 Technology Innovation Management 30 credits
Initiate and develop innovative opportunities within the technology sector.
157.777 Mobile Business 30 credits
A study of mobile business concepts, business models, challenges, applications and technologies from a managerial perspective. The course examines current and future trends in mobile business and provides participants with an understanding of how mobile business applications can be applied to fulfil organisational goals and objectives.
157.879 Research Report 60 credits
157.900 PhD Information Systems 120 credits