Humanities Social Sciences

230.001 Foundation Humanities 15 credits
An introduction to a number of humanities disciplines and subject areas through study of the underlying philosophies and values of the humanities.
230.002 Foundation Social Sciences 15 credits
An introduction to the concepts, methods and scope of the Social Sciences through study of contemporary social issues in Aotearoa/ New Zealand and in global contexts.
230.102 Pacific Peoples in New Zealand 15 credits
An introduction to the distinctive cultures of Pacific Peoples in New Zealand. Students will develop an understanding of core values, traditions, cultural protocols, social processes and world views that are characteristic of Pacific cultures in the New Zealand context.
230.110 Tūrangawaewae: Identity & Belonging in Aotearoa NZ 15 credits
This course examines formations of identity and belonging in relation to concepts of place and turangawaewae ('standing place'). The multiple factors shaping identity formation, citizenship and public engagement will be explored, and students will develop awareness of and reflect on diverse perspectives regarding identity and citizenship, and apply this understanding to analyse issues in contemporary New Zealand society.
230.111 Tū Kupu: Writing and Inquiry 15 credits
This course introduces students to cultures of writing and inquiry in the Humanities and Social Sciences. It is designed to help students write effectively at undergraduate level by practising a variety of writing tasks, including analytical, persuasive, and research-based writing and argumentation. Students will learn practices of writing, research, peer-review and revision that have application in the university and broader contexts.
230.112 Tū Arohae: Critical Thinking 15 credits
This course develops students' foundational analytical and critical thinking skills. It is designed to provide students in any discipline with the ability to describe, evaluate, and generate reasoning / arguments effectively, appropriately, and sympathetically, alongside an understanding of the hidden complexities inherent in this approach and its limits when employed as a form of persuasion.
230.121 Future State: New Zealand in the 21st Century 15 credits
An inter-disciplinary exploration of the pressing social, political and economic issues (present and future) facing New Zealand in the 21st century such as globalisation, inequality and environmental challenges from the perspectives of the social science disciplines of geography, anthropology, sociology and politics.
230.210 Tū Rangaranga: Global Encounters 15 credits
The course explores our connections, impacts, and roles in the world, and our rights and responsibilities as global citizens. It examines what citizenship means in 21st century Aotearoa/NZ, given its history, cultural diversity, and place in the global arena. The course introduces the notion of global citizenship, and explores the relationship between individual and collective action in addressing global problems.
230.291 Special Topic HSS 15 credits
230.292 Special Topic HSS 15 credits
230.310 Tū Tira Mai: Practising Engagement 15 credits
The questions of and possibilities for agency and action form the core of this course, through an enquiry-based exploration of the capacities of the humanities and social sciences for action, intervention and contribution in professional and community contexts. The course also covers the development and application of research skills, problem-solving skills, and ethical awareness in addressing practical issues.
230.391 Special Topic HSS 15 credits
230.392 Special Topic Humanities & Social Sciences 15 credits
230.701 Evaluation: Theory and Principles 30 credits
An advanced examination of the context, theories, and principles of evaluation research, and what it means to undertake evaluative activity in a range of social sector settings.
230.702 Professional Evaluation Practice 30 credits
An advanced level focus on what 'supports the craft' of evaluation practice: roles and expectations, professional management, ethical practice, innovation, and dissemination of findings.
230.703 Techniques and Methods in Evaluation Research 30 credits
An in-depth examination of a range of qualitative, quantitative, mixed and innovative methods, skills and techniques as they would be applied to practical, 'real-life' evaluation questions.
230.704 Public Policy Analytics: Methodology, Design and Data 30 credits
The course equips students with an understanding of methodology, research design, data management and the application of analytics in a public policy setting.
230.705 Interpretation in Geospatial Analytics 15 credits
An advanced interpretation of the theory and application of geospatial data analytics applied in a variety of social science contexts including public policy, health, environmental planning and business marketing.
230.706 Integrated Data Infrastructure 15 credits
An advanced interpretation of the theory and application of integrated data infrastructure analytics applied in public policy contexts. Case studies provide practical examples.
230.791 Special Topic Humanities & Social Sciences 30 credits
230.792 Special Topic Humanities & Social Sciences 30 credits
230.793 Special Topic Humanities & Social Sciences 15 credits
230.794 Special Topic Humanities & Social Sciences 15 credits