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Occupational Health and Safety

251.271 Occupational Health and Safety I 15 credits
An introduction to Occupational Health and Safety and its application to workplaces in New Zealand. The course will explore the complex relationship between health and safety, factors in the working environment affecting health and safety and systems intended to regulate and manage the working environment.
251.272 Occupational Health and Safety II 15 credits
A detailed study of hazards commonly found in the work environment.
251.370 Health and Safety Auditing 15 credits
251.372 Occupational Hygiene 15 credits
A study of the principles of occupational hygiene and their application to the workplace in New Zealand. Topics include the recognition, evaluation and control of health hazards in the work environment; noise measurement and control; relevant legislation and standards; dust, vapour and gas measurement techniques; ventilation and case studies.
251.374 Project in Occupational Health and Safety 15 credits
An applied research course in which the student conducts an extended, systematic enquiry into a particular topic in occupational safety and health.
251.731 Advanced Occupational Safety and Health 30 credits
An examination of current issues in Occupational Safety and Health and issues commonly found in the work environment.
251.732 Research Report 30 credits
A research report requiring a piece of independent research with guidance and academic supervision.
251.770 Health and Safety Auditing 30 credits
A comprehensive examination and critical analysis of current theories and practice in relation to auditing and assessing organisational health and safety performance.
251.772 Advanced Occupational Hygiene 30 credits
An advanced course studying the current issues in occupational safety and health, which involves the recognition, evaluation and control of health hazards in the work environment, including the study of noise, ventilation systems and air pollution.
251.773 Hazard Management 30 credits
A comprehensive analysis of Hazard Management and the application of Hazard Management methodologies and legislation.