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Health Sciences

252.201 Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Shift Work 15 credits
This course provides an introduction to sleep and circadian science, emphasising their vital importance for understanding human health, recovery, and performance. It explores the challenges to sleep and circadian physiology posed by the 24/7 society, and examines the sleep health of New Zealanders.

Sleep and Circadian Science

252.301 Sleep, Health and Performance 15 credits
This course extends fundamental concepts in sleep and circadian science. It examines the causes and consequences of sleep loss, as well as misalignment of the circadian body clock with the day/night cycle. The course has a particular emphasis on the impact of sleep duration, quality and timing, and circadian dysregulation, on health and performance.

Public Health

252.701 Sleep and Circadian Science for Health Practitioners 30 credits
An examination of sleep and circadian science in relation to health and healthcare, including healthy sleep, sleep disorders and sleep in those with medical conditions.
252.702 Sleep, Fatigue Risk Management and Occupational Safety and Health 30 credits
The application of sleep and circadian science in fatigue risk management, shift work, and occupational health and safety. An overview of the organisational processes required to implement a fatigue risk management system, as well as regulatory requirements for management of fatigue and shift work in occupational safety and health.