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Counselling and Guidance

253.250 Counselling Principles and Practice 15 credits
An examination of the fundamental principles of counselling, with particular emphasis on the central assumptions, theoretical constructs and applications of major approaches.
253.255 Cultural Issues in Counselling 15 credits
An examination of selected cultural issues relevant to counselling theory and process.
253.353 Guidance Principles and Practice 15 credits
An examination of the fundamental principles of guidance. Guidance practice is studied, focusing on roles, organisation and intervention procedures.
253.355 Professional Issues in Counselling 15 credits
An in-depth consideration of significant professional issues in the field of counselling.
253.750 Counselling Theory 30 credits
A study of the theoretical bases of counselling. The course examines the place of counselling in society, its philosophical foundations, empirical status and major principles. Particular emphasis is given to selected approaches.
253.753 Guidance in Education 30 credits
A study of guidance in educational settings. Attention is given to the philosophical foundations of guidance, its social implications, organisation and roles. Intervention procedures for individuals and groups are examined.
253.754 Family and Couples Counselling 30 credits
A study of the theoretical bases of family and couples counselling. Attention is given to the concepts of 'family' and 'couple' and to systems theory. The processes of counselling families and couples are examined with regard to various approaches.
253.755 Culture and Counselling 30 credits
An examination of the significance of culture in counselling. A multicultural perspective is adopted but with particular attention to the context in Aotearoa/New Zealand.
253.761 Professional Development in Counselling I 45 credits
The development of attitudes and skills for effective counselling practice, informed by current research and undertaken in the context of campus-based workshops and field-based supervised practice.
253.762 Professional Development in Counselling II 30 credits
A continuation and integration of personal and professional development undertaken in Professional Development I whilst pursuing field-based practice and campus-based workshops.
253.800 Research Project in Counselling 45 credits
A negotiated research project related to relevant aspects of counselling or counselling-related activity.