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Literacy Education

258.301 Language, Literacy and Cognitive Development 15 credits
A critical study of contemporary research on language, literacy and cognitive development particularly in the context of growing up in New Zealand in diverse cultural contexts (including Māori) and with reference to Treaty of Waitangi considerations.
258.720 Foundations of Literacy Education 30 credits
An advanced study of the acquisition of literacy skills in students focusing on how knowledge of language structure and the cognitive processes involved in literacy learning can be translated into effective teaching practices.
258.721 Teaching Students with Literacy Learning Difficulties 30 credits
An examination of best practices for the assessment and teaching of students with literacy learning difficulties.
258.722 The Nature, Prevention and Remediation of Literacy Learning Difficulties 30 credits
An advanced study of theory and research on reading and writing difficulties experienced by students focusing on intervention strategies/programmes that can be used to help these students overcome their literacy learning problems.
258.723 Teaching Writing in the Classroom 30 credits
An advanced study of research into written composition development; strategies for enhancing student competencies and for overcoming specific areas of need in writing in contemporary classrooms.