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Māori Education

269.232 Multicultural Education 15 credits
Education in multicultural societies. An examination of the significance of language and culture to learning and teaching through the study of policy, practices and processes, with special references to the New Zealand situation.
269.332 Māori Issues in Education 15 credits
A study of relationships between cultural values and education and of the extent of Māori educational needs and aspirations.
269.372 Understanding Migrant Cultures in Aotearoa/New Zealand 15 credits
A study of immigrants and immigration in Aotearoa/New Zealand with a focus on developing effective cross-cultural teaching skills.
269.711 Policy and Development in Māori Education 30 credits
The course provides a critical analysis of policies for Māori education and of selected education policies which impact on Māori education. The role of the state and of school, urban and iwi communities of influence in relation to particular perceptions of Māori, and therefore of appropriate educational policy and development and practice will be explored.
269.732 Cultural Differences and Education 30 credits
An examination of the sources and consequences of cultural differences and their interaction with educational practice.
269.733 Mana Motuhake: Contemporary Issues in Māori & Indigenous Education 30 credits
An analysis of power, politics and resistance that underpin a range of contemporary and topical social issues which impact on Māori and/or indigenous education. A critical examination of the role of advocacy, activism and protest in advancing Māori and indigenous rights and aspirations in the context of education.
269.734 Mana Whānau: Whānau Engagement in Education 30 credits
A critical examination of the role of whanau participation in education and the ways in which educators, educational institutions and organisations are able to engage with their Māori community to ensure successful social, cultural and educational outcomes for their Māori students within the paradigm of whanau ora.
269.735 Mana Kura: Leadership in Māori Education 30 credits
A critical examination of traditional and contemporary forms of Māori professional, personal and cultural leadership and the role of iwi, community and tribal organisations in educational governance.
269.736 Mana Matauranga: Indigeneity, Innovation & Information 30 credits
A critical examination of the role of information in indigenous societies and the impact of new technologies, social media, and the use of e-learning in indigenous education contexts.