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Adult Education

273.721 Knowledge and Power in Tertiary Education 30 credits
This course involves critical reflection on the relationship between knowledge and power within the teaching/learning process. Concepts and theories within the sociology of knowledge are applied to tertiary education contexts.
273.722 Adult Learning: Myths and Realities 30 credits
This course examines in depth the development of thinking about adult learning and critically evaluates adult learning theories and their relevance to current New Zealand contexts and participants' own teaching practice.
273.723 Cultures and Learning: Diversity in Tertiary Education 30 credits
This course critically examines how people are expected to learn in selected cultural contexts explores participants' own attitudes to cultural diversity and enables construction of practical strategies to provide effective learning experiences in diverse cultural contexts.
273.724 The Expert Teacher of Adults: Principles and Practice 30 credits
This course critically examines concepts such as expertise, quality teaching, the student experience and student outcomes in adult teaching. It considers the impact of new technologies on tertiary teaching and training; and evaluates the implications of research for the participant's own practice in diverse cultural contexts.
273.725 Leadership and Communication in Tertiary Education 30 credits
This course critically examines the concepts of leadership and communication in tertiary education contexts, and develops a practical insight into the uses and misuses of those concepts and their related practices in specific teaching/learning contexts.
273.784 Learning and Teaching in Tertiary Education 30 credits
This course introduces participants to and extends their understanding on theories and practices of tertiary teaching, including theories of learning and motivation relevant to learners in tertiary and professional contexts. Participants will apply their learning in their own practice.
273.785 Assessment and Evaluation in Tertiary Education 30 credits
This course offers an in-depth examination of principles, theories and practices underpinning diverse assessment tools, models and approaches in tertiary contexts to facilitate student learning. The course will enable participants to examine assessment policy in context, and create assessment approaches within their practice.