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Mechatronics and Automation Engineering

282.260 Manufacturing Engineering and Computer Aided Design 15 credits
This course provides students with knowledge in the working principles of, and the concepts needed to design for, traditional and modern manufacturing processes. Processes covered include a range of manufacturing methods dealing with plastics and metals. It also teaches Computer Aided Design (CAD) as an engineering communication and design tool. A practical course with projects that link manufacturing and CAD.
282.371 Mechanics and Materials 15 credits
Properties of materials including stress and strain, yield, strengthening methods and failure. Selection of materials by property profiles, and manipulation of material properties. Mechanics of materials including axial loading, shear, beams, torsion, stress concentrations and structures.
282.372 Mechanism and Component Design 15 credits
This course is a study of advanced static and dynamic analysis of loaded structures and mechanisms and it will introduce the finite element method of stress analysis.
282.373 Fluid Mechanics & Thermodynamics 15 credits
This course applies fluid mechanics to systems which might be encountered in engineering practice. Topics include fluid properties, hydrostatics, laminar and turbulent flow, energy and continuity equations in one dimension. The course also covers basic concepts of thermodynamics, including perfect gas properties and zero'th, first and second laws.
282.758 Simulation, Modelling and Optimisation 15 credits
A practical course in modelling, simulation and optimisation of systems in industry.
282.762 Robotics and Automation 15 credits
A study of automation and industrial robotics, its elements and systems. This course uses projects that allow students to integrate multiple mechatronic and robotic systems capable of automating specific, repetitive tasks such as those commonly found in industry. Students will study the control of industrial robots and design vision systems for component identification. Subsystems will be integrated to follow a systems approach to the design of Industrial robotic applications with consideration of programming, control and process design. A practical, project based course.
282.772 Industrial Systems Design and Integration 15 credits
Design of mechatronic elements and components to form a working system. Review of sensors for integration into a microcontroller- and/or PC-controlled, mechatronics system. Robotics, the use of simulation packages to effectively analyse mechatronics systems, future manufacturing technologies and how they may impact on the field of mechatronics. A practical, project based course.
282.778 Mechatronics 15 credits
An advanced study of mechatronics design philosophy, its elements, and systems. The course focuses on motion control and interfacing, sensors and interfacing, microcontroller and programming applications, behaviour control and implementation, dynamics simulation of working machines, mechatronics in PC-based control system, integration of mechanical, pneumatic and electric and electronics systems. A practical, project based course.