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Horticulture(Production and Landscape)

284.101 Production Horticulture 15 credits
The dynamic interaction between plants, people and the environment, primarily in the fruit and vegetable sectors. An integrative analysis of the underlying production systems, industry structures and organisation including an introduction to seed science and technology. An intensive practical programme.
284.201 Horticultural Production Systems 15 credits
An interdisciplinary study of the major vegetable and fruit production systems in NZ, and overseas. Different systems and subsystems will be analysed using indicators including productivity, quality, profitability and sustainability.
284.301 Horticultural Crop Development & Yield 15 credits
Physiological and applied aspects of monitoring, predicting and manipulating crop growth and development in production horticulture in order to optimize yield, quality and timeliness. Prediction of crop growth and development in response to changes in the environment and the associated decisions made by growers.

Plant Health

284.322 Managing the Landscape 15 credits
A study of the issues and processes of landscape management using botanic gardens and urban and rural parks as the study example. Topics include deterioration and restoration of vegetation and formation of long-term vegetation plans; managing biodiversity and visual value; formation of a management plan. Management processes include; inventory and evaluation; development of goals for preservation, enhancement and use; and strategies for vegetation and visual quality. Field trips and field exercises are used to illustrate the study topics

Agriculture/ Horticulture Plants

284.342 Horticultural Productivity and Quality 15 credits
The role of crop architecture and the modification of the aerial environment for optimising yield and pre-harvest product quality, as well as the factors affecting quality and shelf life of horticultural commodities through the handling chain.

Horticulture(Production and Landscape)

284.703 Vegetable Production Science 15 credits
The science and production of quality vegetable products from establishment to harvest. Topics will align to student interests in vegetable crop science including: factors affecting productivity and quality, specialist production systems including root, tuber and leafy crops, crop nutrition, irrigation and harvest.
284.704 Fruit Production Science 15 credits
Production of quality products of subtropical, warm and cool temperate fruits. Topics meet student interest and could include factors affecting productivity and quality; manipulation of tree, flower and fruit development; biological production systems; pre-harvest factors influencing product quality; quality management.
284.741 Post-harvest Physiology 30 credits
Reviews the role of physiological principles in post-harvest systems. Topics covered depend upon class interests, and may include control of water loss, functions of cell walls and membranes; calcium; ethylene; chilling injury; genetic manipulation; modified atmospheres and non-chemical disease control.