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Plant Health

285.201 Understanding Plant Protection 15 credits
The importance of diseases, pests and weeds to horticultural, agricultural and forestry production, trade, gardening and conservation is outlined. The course introduces the biology of these organisms and gives an understanding of their management and control. An introduction to strategies available for chemical, non-chemical and integrated control methods is included together with examples. A course of practical work.
285.301 Controlling Plant Pests and Diseases 15 credits
Aspects of plant pest and pathogen biology will be studied to help understand how to obtain efficient and effective control. The full range of control techniques, both chemical and non-chemical, will be discussed. Students will learn about pests and diseases in their specific area of interest in agriculture, horticulture, forestry or conservation, be shown how to diagnose problems, and obtain experience in managing an integrated pest and disease control program in a simulated crop.
285.742 Topics in Advanced Plant Protection 30 credits
Selected topics in Advanced Plant Protection, including host defence and disease resistance mechanisms, weed control and herbicide activity, as well as principles and methods of integrated arthropod pest (insect and mite) management.