How to be prepared for an emergency

Knowing your local emergency hazards

Across all three campuses, Massey University is exposed to the full range of hazards that New Zealand presents.

Regional Councils in the three cities with Massey campuses all have hazard information on their websites.

Getting Ready

Each regional and local council has its own preparedness information. Most of this information is similar across different regions, because being prepared for most hazards requires the same steps.

The link below take you to information from the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) – formerly known as Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management (MCDEM):

Get Ready

The website includes:

In an Emergency (information on different hazards)

In New Zealand we have a lot of natural hazards such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, snow, storms, tsunami, volcanic activity, and other hazards can happen any time and often without warning.

Get prepared (preparations before an emergency). 

Work out what you need to do to get your household ready, get your work ready, get your school ready or get your marae ready, and

Get involved (build your community). 

Help keep your family, friends and community safe by getting involved in emergency preparedness.

Simple emergency preparedness steps for everyone, everywhere

Having a plan for what to do if you cannot get back home or back to your family is important in every situation, from students that live on campus to staff that commute long distances to work at the University.

Contact plan

  • Work out a plan to make contact with and get back to your family. This might include a common contact point, such as a family member in another region.

  • Make sure you have contact details for your family stored in several places; for example, in your phone's memory, in your contacts on an email service, and written down at home.

  • Massey Uni app – download it now

The Massey Uni app brings you essential information while you are on the move. Designed for Students at Massey University's three main campuses but useful to Staff and anyone visiting the University.

Emergency Features:

  • Emergency contact details, plus a map of the campus emergency points.

  • A ‘push’ messaging system that allows Massey University to send emergency event information and advice direct to your phone.

  • Share contact details with your friends and colleagues so they can get a message to your family if something happens to you.

  • Make sure you have access to details like the physical address of your children's schools and your parents' or partner’s workplace.

  • Staff - Keep your emergency contacts in the MyHR Portal are up to date.

  • Find out the emergency plans for your family members schools and workplaces.

  • Make sure you have family or friends authorised to collect your children from school if you cannot get to them.

  • If you have family living, working or going to school in another part of the city (or region), have a meeting place in those areas so you can find each other.

Note: You might only be able to get one text out if the mobile networks are overloaded. If you already have a plan for contacting your family, you’ll know that one text will get the message to everyone.