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Student association beginnings

The Massey University Students' Association was founded soon after the opening of the College in March 1928. Sports and cultural clubs grew from 1929 onwards.

In 1930 the Students' Association adopted the 'ramshead' - based on a model of an old Egyptian fresco - as their official symbol. The College also introduced an official haka.

Bleat and Chaff - first student publications

In 1931 the Students' Association published the first issue of their yearly magazine Bleat. The first issue of Chaff, the student paper that still appears, was published in 1934.

First capping parade, magazine, and revue

Massey's first capping parade or 'Procesh' took place in 1935. The tradition of collecting for charity became part of the procession in the years that followed. In 1938, the capping magazine Masskerade was first published and sold to raise money for charity. This year saw the first capping revue.

Early sporting activities at the New Zealand University Games

Massey athletes competed at Tourney, the New Zealand University Games, for the first time under the Massey name in 1938.

Massey won the shield at the New Zealand University Games for the first time in 1985.

Massey student-run radio station

Massey had the first commercial student-run radio station in New Zealand. Masskeradio received its commercial radio licence in 1980. Over the years, the station changed its name to Radio Massey, 2XM, and more recently to Radio Control.


1935 Sports

Massey students’ athletics meeting, 1935.


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