Massey's consolidating years (1946-1963)

The College continued to grow and expand its academic offerings and facilities with the Great Depression and World War II finally over. During this time the College was working towards becoming a fully autonomous university.

Massey associates with Victoria University of Wellington

When the University of New Zealand was dissolved in 1961, most of its constituent colleges became autonomous universities. Massey Agricultural College was renamed Massey College and elected to associate itself with Victoria University of Wellington, until Massey could attain full autonomy.

Massey establishes a range of other faculties

In 1962, the College Council approved the establishment of faculties of technology and veterinary science, alongside the existing Faculty of Agricultural and Horticultural Science.

Massey was and is still the only university in New Zealand to provide training in veterinary science. In 1963, a Faculty of Science was also established.

Massey forms the Massey University College of Manawatu

On 1 January 1963 Massey College was amalgamated with the fledgling Palmerston North University College to form the Massey University College of Manawatu.

The Palmerston North University College, a branch of Victoria University of Wellington, was established in 1960 to provide extramural education as well as education in the arts. Palmerston North University College became the Faculty of General Studies of the new Massey University College.

Laboratory work

1950s laboratory work

Students doing laboratory work, 1950s.


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