Academics named in New Zealander of the Year Awards

Two University academics are named in the North & South New Zealander of the Year Awards.

Professor Neil Pearce, Director of the Centre for Public Health Research, is given an honourable mention in the overall award.

Professor Pearce is described as a "hero in public health, ground-breaking researcher and sleuth", the magazine says.

"Believing socio-economic factors such as housing, nutrition and work stress, largely determine the state of New Zealanders' health spurred Pearce on to become an epidemiologist ... He now picks up the mantle of president of the International Epidemiological Association (the first to be elected from the Southern Hemisphere)."

Professor of Applied Mathematics Robert McLachlan is cited in the IT and communications category for his "stellar mathematical brilliance" and "revolutionary new means of making computer simulations of systems in motion".

In 2007 Professor McLachlan became the first person in the Southern Hemisphere to win the prestigious international Dahlquist Prize.

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