Vice-Chancellor Steve Maharey, Dr Craig Prichard, Professor Ingrid Day, Dr Bevan Catley, Dr Angie Farrow, Dr Eva Heinrich, Lois Wilkinson and Dr Neville Honey.


Massey's 2010 awards for teaching excellence

Six staff this week received Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Teaching Excellence, recognising their commitment to the development and success of students’ learning across a broad range of disciplines.

Vice-Chancellor Steve Maharey presented the awards at a ceremony on the Manawatu campus on Monday. He highlighted the lasting impression good teachers have on their students. “Each of us leaves university with the memory of the people who have inspired is in what we do." Mr Maharey also congratulated the many who have assisted the award recipients in supporting roles. “Good teaching is a team effort and a process that makes a real difference in the lives of our students.”

Dr Angie Farrow and Dr Neville Honey received awards for sustained commitment to teaching excellence. Dr Farrow, from the School of English and Media Studies, specialises in performance drama, public speaking and creative processes. She is also an established playwright. Dr Honey, from the Institute of Molecular BioSciences, teaches classical and human genetics and adjusts his teaching strategies and curriculum in response to student feedback.

Dr Eva Heinrich and Dr Craig Prichard received the Darrilyn O’Dea Award for e-learning. Dr Heinrich, from the School of Computer Science and Advanced Technology, has incorporated technology tools into her teaching to extend and advance the engagement of her students. Dr Prichard, from the Department of Management, teaches leadership, change and management knowledge courses in the College of Business. He uses modern communications technology to meet the unique challenges of distance learning.

Dr Bevan Catley, from the School of Management, has received the award for excellence in teaching first-year students. Dr Catley uses student evaluation data and comments to review and improve his approach to teaching and learning. He is constantly looking to improve assessment processes, to enhance levels of engagement, and to identify even more effective teaching strategies and approaches. 

For the first time, an award has also been given for academic support. Lois Wilkinson, from the Student Learning Centre, receives the inaugural award for excellence in academic support in recognition of her commitment to the students she has assisted through her role as student learning development consultant.

Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International) Professor Ingrid Day also congratulated the recipients. "It is rewarding for me today to acknowledge your hard work,” Professor Day said. “Your excellence and innovation with students is at the forefront of what we do – and makes mine and your jobs very worthwhile.”

Dr Farrow and Dr Catley have been nominated for national Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards to be announced later in the year.

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