New scheme encourages staff, students to get on their bike

Massey University staff member, communication adviser Ryan Willoughby, standing with an e-bike that's used to commute to and from the campus

Massey University is taking staff and students along for the ride when it comes to sustainability and wellbeing, thanks to an innovative initiative. Next month the University will launch the Massey e-Bike Scheme, which allows staff and students to purchase an e-bike with a 20 per cent discount on the retail price.

The scheme, which has been jointly developed by the University’s wellbeing and sustainability teams, will initially be offered at the Manawatū campus. It is expected to be offered in Wellington and Auckland next year, once arrangements have been made with local retailers.

Staff and students at the Manawatū campus will have a chance to check out some of the e-bikes on offer on October 3 and 4, when Manawatū retailer Electric Bikes Palmerston North hosts a demonstration day on concourse. The day provides participants with the opportunity to try out the bikes, register their interest for the scheme and even pick out the bike they would like to purchase.

Sustainability director Dr Allanah Ryan says she has been working closely with the University’s health, safety and wellbeing director Paul Robertson to bring the idea to life.

“For us, this scheme is all about getting staff and students out of their cars and using sustainable forms of transport to get to and from campus. Using active transport not only helps reduce the University’s environmental impact, it has also been shown to improve wellbeing outcomes,” she says.

Mr Robertson, who is based at the Manawatū campus is already familiar with active transport, often choosing to walk from his home to campus. “With the launch of this scheme however, I plan on buying an e-bike and using it to commute to and from work and around the city,” he says.

“With all the work the local council has done on improving and creating new cycleways, and the likes of the Massey e-Bike Scheme, I think Palmerston North can be like a Southern Hemisphere version of Amsterdam.”

It is suggested those eager to explore the possibility of an e-bike immediately check out’s buying guide online.