New programme on offer to upskill digital knowledge

The courses allow students to cross-credit Microsoft certified learning with other university programmes.

Massey University has recently formed an exciting new partnership with Microsoft to give students the opportunity to develop the digital skills needed to thrive in a rapidly changing world. 

The Digital Reskill programme is now on offer and students can study at their own pace with approximately 150 hours of online learning before sitting the certification exams.  

The programme is being run by the team from The Industry 4.0 Accelerator through the University.  

Executive Director Malcolm Fraser says the programme will provide critical digital skills required by businesses today including introductions to Artificial Intelligence and Cloud-based data.  

Alongside this, they will learn skills such as big data, automation and online collaboration.  

“We are not trying to turn you into a technologist, but rather provide the fundamental skills required to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace, whether you are studying management, marketing, finance or horticulture.” Mr Fraser says.  

He says the predicted top three marketing skills in 2025 will be artificial intelligence, data and machine learning.  

“Everywhere we turn from the board room to the factory floor, those people that have these digital skills will be the innovators and leaders for the future-of-work.” 

Massey graduate and digital consultant at The Industry 4.0 Accelerator, Simon Barnes encourages students to take up the programme and prepare themselves to stand out amongst other graduates in today’s new digital-driven industry.  

The courses allow students to cross-credit Microsoft certified learning into a Bachelor and Masters in Organisational Technology Management and all other College of Business courses and programme including marketing, economics, finance and entrepreneurship.  

Mr Fraser says the university is excited to be working with Microsoft on this groundbreaking programme. The digital reskill programme is available now to students who want to get a head start before the beginning of the semester in 2021. 

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