Climate changing, mindsets not

Climate change, science and what the public can do will be the focus of a free lecture. 

From Al Gore’s famous documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, to the government’s Energy Spot commercials, we are being given warnings, tips and solutions in the hope of slowing the progress of climate change – but how much do we really know and what do we do with that information? 

Distinguished Professor Robert McLachlan will be giving a free lecture that seeks to breakdown the complex climate change science and propose changes every day people can make at work and home, in order to make climate change mean something more than just words.

“There is never a dull moment in climate change,” Professor McLachlan says. “The past decade has seen intense scientific focus on the polar regions which have seen the most warming – and the changes there are starting to affect the climate further away from the poles.”

“The greenhouse effect, that leads to global warming and climate change, was discovered in the 19th century, and is now beginning to take effect around the world, with storms, flooding, and rising sea levels, but people have been very slow to take personal responsibility to act.

“At the same time, the solutions are already available to everyone, and many of them are win-win: better for the environment, for the economy, and for the consumer. Anything I do myself is negligible, but if I can affect those around me by communicating the science and the benefits, then I multiply the benefit to the environment. If everyone that left the talk just made one little change to their daily lives, then I would consider it a success,” Professor McLachlan says.

The talk will focus less on legalisation done by countries to reduce emissions, and more on what individuals can do in their workplaces and homes proactively. These include installing solar panels, heating and transportation. 

“I hope it will lead to not a lecture, but a discussion about how all of us can cut our carbon emissions - easily, quickly and deeply,” Professor McLachlan says.

Distinguished Professor Robert McLachlan.

Lecture details

Title: Cutting carbon emissions at home and at work
Warkworth Masonic Hall, 3 Baxter Street, Warkworth
7.30pm, Friday October 28

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