Massey's election commentators

Professor Claire Robinson

Massey researchers and lecturers are leading conversations around many key election issues. Their topics area and contacts are listed here.

Political commentators

New Zealand politics: Professor Claire Robinson

Head of the College of Creative Arts, her research interest is the visual comunciation of political messages in the context of election campaigning and political leadership. Professor Robinson is a frequent media commentator on New Zealand politics. 
Phone: (04) 979 3130; Mobile: 021 244 9054; Email: @SpinProfessor

New Zealand politics: Associate Professor Grant Duncan

Grant Duncan is an expert on New Zealand Government and politics, political administration, political theory, public policy, social policy, elections. Grant is a regular media commentator on current affairs and political issues.
Phone: (09) 213 6473; Mobile: 021 11 38720; Email:

New Zealand politics: Professor Richard Shaw

Richard Shaw is a specialist on national elections, public sector reform and new public management. Richard is happy to comment on political issues of the day, as well as broader themes of voter participation, and minority and youth engagement in politics.
Phone: (06) 951 6656; Mobile: 027 609 8603; Email:

Māori politics: Professor Rawiri Taonui

Professor Rawiri Taonui is a regular commentator on Māori politics, history, racism, culture and future diversity.
Phone: (06) 951 6146; Mobile: 021 252 4917; Email:

Pasifika politics: Associate Professor Malakai Koloamatangi

Associate Professor Malakai Koloamatangi is the Director of Pasifika at Massey. He is a regular media commentator and is highly involved in the Pasifika community. He is able to comment on all areas of Pasifika politics, including Pasifika policies, candidates, voting trends and cultural issues.
Phone: (09) 213 6301; Mobile: 021 223 6008; Email:

Design thinking and civic engagement: Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin is a visual communicator whose work investigates the use of design thinking and user-centred processes to develop solutions for social innovation and civic engagement. He is also an adviser with the Design + Democracy Project, which aims to get people engaged with politics and the election.
Phone: (04) 979 3370; Mobile: 021 191 2001; Email:

Voter participation: Dr Andy Asquith

Dr Andy Asquith is a public management specialist. His commentary focuses on voter engagement, including online and compulsory voting.
Phone: (09) 213 6380; Mobile: 021 671 456; Email:

Voter participation: Associate Professor Christine Cheyne

Christine Cheyne is an expert oN local government (elections, representation, public participation, turnout, online voting, planning processes, funding).
Phone: (06) 951 6630; Mobile: 021 246 7095; Email:

Political engagement and democracy: Dr Emily Beausoleil

Emily Beausoleil is a politics expert who specialises in political engagement, minority representation and diverse voices in democracy, and citizenship.
Phone: (06) 356 9099 ext 63060; Mobile: 021 261 9735; Email:

Professor Christoph Schumacher

Issues commentators


Economics, innovation and trade: Professor Christoph Schumacher

Christoph Schumacher is a Professor in Innovation and Economics. He has a particular interest in how innovation can be fostered to grow New Zealand’s economy but can also provide commentary on economic development, New Zealand’s economic performance, trade, privatisation and the impact of the minimum wage.
Phone: (09) 213 6281; Mobile: 021 883 509; Email:

Banking and monetary policy: Associate Professor David Tripe

Associate Professor David Tripe is the director of Massey University’s Centre for Financial Services and Markets. He is a regular media commentator on banking, interest rates and monetary policy issues, especially in relation to housing.
Phone: (06) 9517038; Mobile: 021 675 054; Email:

Employment relations, wages: Professor Jane Parker

Jane Parker is Professor of Employment Relations and Human Resource Management in Massey’s School of Management. Her research focuses on comparative employment relations, equality and diversity in workplaces and trade unions. She has recently researched the benefits, costs and perceptions of a living wage and women’s careers.
Phone: (09) 213 6393; Mobile: 022 411 2564; Email:

Criminal justice

Crime, policing and courts: Professor Chris Gallavin

Chris Gallavin is a law expert with interests in crime, policing, prisons, courts as well as legal ethics of topical issues like euthanaesia, and the legalisation of cannabis. He also has expertise on international law and justice.
Phone: (06) 9519142 Int extn 86142; Mobile: 021 2388 349; Email: @chrisgallavin


Education policy: Professor John O’Neill

John O’Neill is the Director of Massey’s Institute of Education and an expert on educational policy and teachers’ work, charter schools, public private partnerships, education policy and funding, teaching and learning standards and university governance, and social investment approaches in education.
Phone: (06) 951 7384; Mobile: 027 332 0289; Email: @JayGeeO 


Agriculture and horticulture: Professor Peter Kemp

An expert on both the agriculture and horticulture industries. Research interests include genetically modified organisms and the impact of agriculture on New Zealand’s environment and economy.
Phone: (06) 951 7845; Mobile: 027 332 0289; Email:

Conservation: Professor Doug Armstrong

His research has focused on population dynamics of reintroduced forest birds, with the aim of improving the success of reintroduction programmes. Has also works on ‘de-extinction’.
Phone: (06) 951 7207; Mobile: 027 329 9750; Email:

Climate change and energy: Professor Ralph Simms

Professor Ralph Sims sits on the scientific and technical advisory panel of the Global Environment Facility – a team responsible for projects on climate change mitigation and sustainable cities. His interests include renewable energy, energy smart food, greenhouse gas reduction and climate change policy.
Phone: (06) 951 7164; Mobile: 021 166 4555; Email:

Climate change, natural hazards and resilience: Professor Bruce Glavovic
(available from early Sept and by email before)

Bruce Glavovic is a specialist on the role of governance in building resilient and sustainable communities, with a focus on coastal communities and the role of land-use planning, collaboration and conflict resolution. He has written widely on science, policy and practice in managing natural hazard risks in the era of climate change.
Phone: (06) 951 6625; Mobile: 021 856 339; Email:

Rivers and waterways: Associate Professor Dr Ian Fuller
Associate Professor Fuller is a lecturer in Physical Geography with Massey University's Institute of Agriculture and Environment. He can speak on flooding and swimability of New Zealand rivers.
Phone: (06) 951 7852; Mobile: 021 779 325; Email:


Aged care and nursing: Professor Jenny Carryer

Professor Carryer is based in Massey’s School of Nursing. She can comment on: Primary or community based health care including General Practice; Health policy; Nursing workforce and any nursing professional issues; Aged care and ageing issues; Obesity.
Phone: (06) 951 8343; Mobile: 027 449 1302: Email:

Drugs and drug regulation: Associate Professor Chris Wilkins

Associate Professor Chris Wilkins is the leader of the drug research team at the SHORE and Whariki Research Centre. He has research expertise in drug trends, drug markets, public health, and drug policy. Over the past ten years he has completed a range of studies of drug trends in New Zealand with particular focus on methamphetamine, cannabis, “legal highs”, ecstasy and the non-medical use of pharmaceuticals. He has recently developed “not-for-profit” options to regulate the legal sale of cannabis.
Phone: 09 414 0800 extn 41330; Mobile: 027 242 2265; Email:

Maori health, obesity, tobacco control, vaping: Associate Professor Marewa Glover

Associate Professor in the School of Public Health. Research interests include obesity, tobacco control, smoking cessation (including e-cigarettes) and kaupapa Māori health.
Phone: 09 213 6059; Mobile: 027 275 7852; Email: @MarewaGlover

Public health, nutrition, sustainable food systems: Professor Barbara Burlingame

Professor Burlingame can comment on nutrition and public health related to human nutrient requirements, nutrients and bioactive non-nutrients in foods, biodiversity for food and nutrition, benefit/risk assessments, policy (global, regional and national), global nutrition-related goals/targets/frameworks for action, nutrition-related food standards and regulatory frameworks, sustainable diets and food systems.
Phone: 04 979 3399; Mobile: 022 176 6016; Email:

Associate Professor Graham Squires.


Home affordability: Associate Professor Graham Squires

Graham Squires is the author of the Massey University Home Affordability Report and is an expert on affordable housing, property, internatioanl real estate trends and urban economics.
Phone: (06) 951 6552; Mobile: Landline diverts to mobile; Email:


Immigration, employment, population: Distinguished Professor Paul Spoonley

Paul Spoonley’s research interests are in race, immigration, diversity, employment, national identity and population issues in New Zealand and global contexts.
Phone: (09) 213 6088; Mobile: 021 422 881; Email:

International relations

Asia-Pacific: Dr Anna Powles

Anna Powles can comment on aspects of New Zealand’s foreign policy from New Zealand oeverseas deployments, security sector reform and development, civil military relations, Pacific Islands regional security and geopolitics, Asia Pacific security, Timor Leste, West Papua, United Nations peacekeeping, women in peace and security, private military and security companies in the Pacific.
Phone: 04 979 3080; Mobile: 022 122 8802; Email:

Asia, Pacific and USA: Professor Rouben Azizian

Rouben Azizian is an expert on Asia-Pacific security and geopolitics, regional organisations, national security strategy, US policy in the Asia-Pacific, Russian politics and foreign policy, security dynamics in South and Central Asia, and regional security architecture in the Pacific Islands region. He is Director of the Centre for Defence and Security Studies.
Phone: (06) 350 5876; Mobile: 021 707 750; Email:

United Nations and defence, security and intelligence: Dr Damien Rogers

Damien Rogers is an expert on New Zealand foreign policy, New Zealand defence and security matters, including intelligence, the United Nations (Security Council and the Secretary-General).
Phone: (09) 213 6478; Mobile: 021 885 707; Email:

Social issues

Aged care: Dr Polly Yeung

Dr Yeung is a senior lecturer in the School of Social Work. Her research interests include ageing and disability, citizenship participation, quality of life of older people living in residential aged care, compassion satisfaction and compassion fatigue among social care and animal-welfare related professionals.
Phone: (06) 951 6514; Mobile: 021 029 15973; Email: @Socialpolicy_PY

Ageing population: Professor Chris Stephens

Christine Stephens is an expert on many aspects of health and ageing, from housing needs to work, social life and technology. She co-leads the Health and Ageing Research Team (HART) and the Health Work and Retirement Study (HWR) a longitudinal study of ageing following older New Zealanders and their quality of life in work and retirement since 2006.
Phone: (06) 951 8059; Mobile: 021 242 3904; Email:

Gender minority and sexual minority, HIV/AIDS: Associate Professor Mark Henrickson

Associate Professor Henrickson is based in the School of Social Work. His research interests include HIV and AIDS, sexual and gender minority, social and health issues and research both in New Zealand and internationally; international social work; notions of ‘vulnerability’ such as child protection.
Phone: 09 213 6350; Mobile: 021 283 0460; Email:

Inequality and homelessness: Professor Darrin Hodgetts

Darrin Hodgetts is a societal psychologist with expertise in poverty, inequality, homelessness, housing and welfare. He is the co-author of a new book on urban poverty and health inequalities in New Zealand.
Phone: (09) 414 0800 ext 43758; Mobile: 021 024 75747; Email:

Youth: Professor Robyn Munford and Professor Jackie Sanders

Professor Robyn Munford and Professor Jackie Sanders are based in the School of Social Work and lead two large national studies of vulnerable young people. Key areas of interest are: social and community work practice, theory and research; community development; disability; children, youth and families; family support and wellbeing; bicultural frameworks; family and community; evaluating and planning for social service.

Professor Robyn Munford: Phone: (06) 951 6513; Mobile: 021 379 429; Email:

Professor Jackie Sanders: Phone: (06) 951 6206; Mobile: 027 493 0055; Email:


Retirement age, KiwiSaver, personal finance: Dr Claire Matthews

Dr Claire Matthews’ research interests include superannuation, the retirement age and KiwiSaver. She is a board member of the Fin-Ed Centre (Financial Education and Research Centre, a joint venture between Massey and Westpac) and has written several reports on KiwiSaver and the Retirement Expenditure Guidelines.
Phone: (06) 951 7035; Mobile: 021 548 772; Email: @ClaireM_Banking

Transport and infrastructure

Infrastructure investment: Dr Andy Asquith

Dr Andy Asquith is a public management specialist. His commentary focuses on the relationship between central and local government, particularly in relation to infrastructure investment in Auckland.
Phone: (09) 213 6380; Mobile: 021 671 456; Email:

Transport: Associate Professor Christine Cheyne

Christine Cheyne is an expert on transport policy and planning (in particular, new transport technologies). She also has expertise on conservation and environmental policy planning.

Phone: (06) 951 6630; Mobile: 021 246 7095; Email:

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