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Dairy 1 is located adjacent to the Massey University campus. It bounds the Manawatu River, within the Palmerston North city boundary. The farm is managed as a profitable, low input, sustainable pasture-based dairy farm with a Once-a-Day (OAD) milking, spring calving system.

Dairy 1 Farm platform

  • Area – 142.7 hectares
  • Soils – A complex assemblage of free-draining alluvial soils including: Rangitikei Loamy Sand, Manawatu Fine Sandy Loam, Manawatu Sand Loam/Gravelly phase, Manawatu Mottled Silt Loam & Karapoti Brown Sandy Loam.
  • Cows – Numbers range from 240-270 in total. As of October 2019 we have 257 in total: 63 Friesian, 68 Jersey and 126 Friesian/Jersey cross breed
  • Forage – The main pasture platform is predominantly perennial ryegrass with 30% of white and red clover.
    • Pastures are renewed on a ten-year rotation following annual or perennial crops. A variation of annual ryegrass, lucerne , herb-mix crop and brassica crops are planted for winter and summer feeding. In the last two years 29% of the pastures were renewed.
    • Average ryegrass production has been recorded as 13.8 tonnes DM/ha but ranges between 13.2 and 15.0.
  • Paddocks – 65 paddocks, all with race access
  • Infrastructure – 24 aside herringbone shed.. Concrete feeding pad (200 cow capacity).

Martin in the herbs on Dairy 1

Research: Project Dairy 1

Dairy 1's primary objective is to provide leadership in future farm businesses that are kind to people, animals and the environment.  Project Dairy 1 encompasses our body of research work on the once-a-day seasonal supply low-input system in a sensitive nutrient zone.

In the media

Managing once-a-day milking

Dairy1 Farm Manager Jolanda Amoore has featured in a number of articles.

Not all cows suit once-a-day milking

Two key ingredients are needed to make once-a day-milking (OAD) a success, says Massey University's Dr Nicolas Lopez-Villalobos in an article on www.stuff.co.nz.

Dairy 1 History

The land on the south bank of the Manawatu River, where Dairy 1 is located, was originally occupied by the Rangitane people. Māori settlers, attracted by the fertile soils of the Manawatu floodplain, cleared some of the forest for growing kumara and established small unfortified villages (kainga) along the river. 

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Global Farm Platform logo

Dairy 1 is part of the Global Farm Platform, an international group for optimisation of grazing livestock production systems.


Dairy 1 (formerly No.1 Dairy Farm) is adjacent to the Massey University campus. It bounds the Manawatu River, three kilometres from Palmerston North City.

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Yolanda Amoore - farm manager Dairy 1 Dairy 1 Farm management

Dairy 1 is managed by Jolanda Amoore.

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