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Peer Review Framework

The Peer Review Framework for Paper Development helps to facilitate feedback on teaching and course design. The Framework is grounded on Chickering and Gamson’s (1987) well established seven principles of effective practice for university-level teaching: 
1. Encourages contact between students and faculty;
2. Develops reciprocity and cooperation among students;
3. Encourages active learning;
4. Gives prompt feedback;
5. Emphasizes time on task;
6. Communicates high expectations;
7. Respects diverse talents and ways of learning. 

The above principles are operationalised across six domains of teaching excellence taken from the criteria of both the Massey University and National Excellence in Tertiary Teaching Awards (note these criteria were in use until 2019). Criteria include the following domains: 

• Design for learning
• Resources for learning
• Facilitating learning
• Assessing student learning
• Evaluating learning and teaching
• Professional development 
The value of this alignment lies in providing a validated structure and focus to the review process, which can inform trustworthy judgements about the quality of teaching and course design. Importantly, there is no one size fits all approach to peer review and the Framework is designed to seed and raise potentially fertile questions rather than prescribe a standard template.

Peer_Review_Framework_Final.pdf (123 KB)