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Voting process and election regulations 

Each student enrolled at Massey University as at 4.00pm Friday 23 October 2020 is eligible to cast one vote only in the election for the student member position on the Massey University Council. An email inviting each eligible student to vote will be sent on Monday 9 November 2020.

Students will be directed to the election webpage. The elections will be held by electronic voting. Students in a situation that prevents engagement with the online voting may contact the Returning Officer through the National Contact Centre, and a suitable process for voting will be arranged.

Election campaigning

Candidates are permitted to campaign.

At all times when campaigning, Candidates are required to comply with their obligations as a student at Massey University, including comply with the Code of Student Conduct, all policies, rules, statutes and procedures of the University and the relevant laws of New Zealand.

Candidates shall not:

(a)   use undue influence to get a voter to vote or to abstain from voting;

(b)   publish, distribute, broadcast or exhibit (or have anyone publish, distribute or exhibit) a statement of fact that a Candidate knows is false in any material particular.

Returning Officer

The Returning Officer for this Massey University Council election is the Director Governance and Assurance. 


A scrutineer shall be appointed to oversee the voting process.

More information

Massey University Council Elections - Student member - Statute 2020 (237 KB)

Massey University Council Electronic Election Statute 2019 (369 KB)

Massey University Council Appointments Statute 2019.pdf (220 KB)